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Patrick Moorhead

By: Patrick Moorhead on October 5th, 2016

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What Does Your Product Data Say About Your Brand?

Company Viewpoint

data_icons.pngRight now, millions of shoppers are typing your brand into the search bar on their smart phones, and they aren’t looking to watch your latest TV spot. Consumers are actively seeking detailed product information before they buy, and their ability to find complete, accurate data has a dramatic effect on their purchase decisions, both today, and over time. Consumers' first contact with your brand is increasingly via mobile search, not advertising. What is your product data saying about your brand today?

Our research reveals that 94% of consumers care about what’s in their food and how its made, and 67% of consumers believe it is the brand’s responsibility to provide this information. Put another way - your customers are looking for you to give them more information about your products, and they are expecting you to deliver. 

The Stakes Are High

Our research also highlights that more than  ⅓ (39%) of consumers would switch to buying brands they felt were more transparent, and 81% said they would consider a brand’s entire portfolio of products if they switched to a brand because of increased transparency. Even more, 73% of consumers said they would be willing to pay more for products they felt provided transparency via complete, accurate product data.


How Data Tells Your Brand Story

Label Insight research shows claiming your product data's brand voice is critical for driving immediate sales and fostering long term loyalty. Product data that leaks from internal systems to customers unintentionally doesn't algin with marketing and third party sources provide incomplete, inaccurate and biased versions to consumers. 

Become the trusted source consumers expect and claim your product data for your brand to unlock TransparencyROI. TROI is the return on investment achieved from building trust with consumers by providing complete, accurate product information realized in the form of increased loyalty and sustainable long term value between consumers and brands.


Delivering on the consumer mandate for transparency means claiming your brand voice through complete, accurate product data, and ensuring consistency of that data across an increasingly complex landscape of channels. 

SmartLabel is The Solution 

We understand that a product's story requires accurately representing the data on the package, but the full story comes to life by surfacing the rich off-package data consumers crave - where, how and why the product and its ingredients are made. SmartLabel is today’s solution for transforming your product information into a data driven brand touchpoint, and our SmartLabel solution makes capturing TransparencyROI of your brand’s data simple, efficient, and scalable. 



That’s why we’re the market leader, delivering over 85% of live SmartLabel pages today, and powering over 2,000 brand pages across Unilever’s portfolio. We make capturing the TROI of data simple, efficient and scalable.

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Your data IS your brand. Claim your product data’s brand voice and unlock trust, loyalty and long term value with your customers with Label Insight’s best in class SmartLabel solution today. 

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