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Are Your Customers Confused about Common Household Product Ingredients?

Traditionally, household cleaners have not been required to disclose ingredients on-package. But now that California has passed the California Cleaning Products Right to Know Act, all cleaning products sold in the state of California, which is currently most of the market, must disclose ingredients on-package and digitally. As a result, consumers are not as familiar with these ingredients, leading to confusion and apprehension as some household cleaning products have unrecognizable and often intimidating chemical names.

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The State of Household Cleaners

Consumer-facing product data for household cleaners is getting a major overhaul due to multiple state regulations mandating radical transparency. At a federal level, household cleaning products are not required to make their ingredient list publicly available. This year, that standard will change for any product sold in the states of New York and California. New York, in particular, is requiring that an unprecedented amount of information about household cleaning products be available for consumers online. Not only will brands have to disclose information about their “intentionally-added” ingredients, but they will also be required to provide consumers with insight into the by-products and contaminants that may be present in formulations. These “unintentionally added” ingredients may be present in the raw materials used to create the product or may have developed during the manufacturing process. In addition to a list of ingredients, brands will also have to disclose the function for each ingredient, the Chemical Abstracts Service registry number*, and whether or not that ingredient is present on a designated list of chemicals of concern.

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