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Posted by Paul Schaut on October 21, 2016

This week we gathered for our semi-annual company all hands in our Chicago office. As the picture shows, we’re getting really big - we can barely pack everyone into the lobby of our office for the company photo!


It’s a privilege to get our whole company together to discuss our strategy, celebrate our wins, and plan our future. Our company is growing fast - we’re delivering powerful solutions to our customers, and our business is poised for even more rapid growth next year.

Building for scale comes with challenges - balancing passion with focus, and combining groundbreaking innovation with roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic is what defines the winners. This week I was reminded that this team has that balance and combination in spades, and that’s what makes us special.

Passion, integrity, ingenuity, inquisitiveness, urgency to get it right, and to have fun while doing it - our company is filled with all of these characteristics and more, and spending this valuable time all together to connect, share, and get clarity on our mission and our future is critical to us becoming a truly great technology organization.

Transparency - whether enabled between consumers and brands with our technology, or through open and honest 1-to-1 conversation among our people, is a core value of our company, and when we come together as a team, it continues to be one of our greatest assets.

I’ve never been more excited about what the future holds for our company, and as I leave our all hands meeting, I have a renewed energy about helping to lead this team to even greater growth and success!

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