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Dagan Xavier

By: Dagan Xavier on April 16th, 2020

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SmartLabel™ Expansion into Canada

SmartLabel™  |  LabelSync

Qu'est-ce que c’est SmartLabel™? (What is SmartLabel™?). We’ve been practicing our French at Label Insight to support our decision to expand into the Canadian market via a fully fledged SmartLabel™ solution.

But to answer the question - SmartLabel™ is the industry's response to standardized digital transparency. SmartLabel™ provides easy and instantaneous access to detailed information about thousands of food, beverage, personal care, household and pet care products - all through the convenience of your smartphone, computer or tablet.

If you’re interested in expanding your SmartLabel™ experience into Canada, please register your interest here and we can start getting you set up.

SmartLabel™ was launched in the USA in 2016 and has since grown from an early adopter solution to a mainstream transparency solution that many CPG brands and Private Label Retailers leverage to provide a beyond the label experience that communicates detailed product information to their consumers. Today there are over 70,000+ live SmartLabel™ pages in market, of which Label Insight hosts and powers over 60%.

The Canadian market was a natural expansion for the SmartLabel™ initiative, with many US participants also producing, supplying and selling products in both the US and Canada. SmartLabel™ Canada is just getting started with just over 3,000 live SmartLabel™ pages in market today and expanding. Label Insight is looking to replicate the role it played in the accelerated growth of SmartLabel™ in the US market, and leverage it’s best-in-class solution to grow SmartLabel™ adoption into the tens of thousands in Canada.

Label Insight is committed to providing a high quality SmartLabel™ Canada experience through our LabelSync™ solution to both our customers and the consumer by focusing on the following features and benefits:

  • Transparency:
    • Offering a true beyond the label experience via ingredient definitions, extended allergen information, product recalls, marketing claims, certifications and the ability to commercialize your SmartLabel™ experience.
  • Compliance:
    • Maintain 100% compliance with all standing regulations and leverage the comprehensive SmartLabel™ design to leverage all digital disclosure options.
    • Dual Language (French and English) Fact Panels, Ingredients and Marketing Claims.
  • Coverage:
    • Food & Beverage, Infant Formula, Personal Care, Household Cleaners, Supplements and Pet Food. Label Insight’s LabelSync™ SmartLabel™ solution covers it all.
  • Flexibility:
    • React to any regulatory or market changes with the ability to edit your data at a click of a button.
    • Package Flats or GDSN - we’ll work with you to ensure we onboard your data and images and create your SmartLabel™ pages in a matter of days.
  • Commercialization:
    • Leverage the Product Page Widget to embed your SmartLabel™ data into your to enhance your direct to consumer experience.
    • Configure your own commercial experience via the Intermediate Menu feature that aims to connect Brand and Marketing to your SmartLabel™ experience.
    • Identify trending attributes within your category and optimize your SmartLabel™ content based on how consumers are searching online.
  • Quality:
    • Take control over your data. Leverage our Publisher platform to add, edit and verify your product data.
  • Scale:
    • Leverage the SmartLabel™ API to send and receive verified data from your SmartLabel™ pages for your external data needs. 
    • Populate your PIM and/or data syndication system using your verified SmartLabel™ data as the single source of truth.

Label Insight will launch its Canadian SmartLabel™ solution in early 2021. Additionally, Label Insight is working with several customers on developing pre-release SmartLabel™ pages (with reduced functionality), and have limited capacity for additional customers interested in taking advantage of the accelerated timeline associated with the pre-release initiative. For those interested in learning more about the pre-release initiative, register your interest here.

Join the growing list of customers looking to expand their SmartLabel™ footprint into Canada and register your interest here.

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