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By: Label Insight Team on February 25th, 2019

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Curated News from the week 8

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We start this weeks curated list of news with a poignant comment on a post that was produced a while back.  The idea of potentially inverting the category decision tree as a response to an attribute driven market is something we've talked alot about and so it was great to see Stephanie Halley a senior Category Advisor for Mars Chocolate North America talking the same language.  

Aside from that, there was some news about the future of meat, and the future of scanning for allergies and another development in the Kroger and Microsoft partnership.  We wrap up this last weeks curated list with a study about the impact the "women owned" attribute is having on female-led companies - we provided data for this exciting peice.

Have a productive week. 


Product Attributes become key to unlocking growth - 

a comment on the article: "We are also realizing that laying out a particular category’s aisle based on the purchase decision tree (backward looking as the aisle is laid out today) isn’t putting enough pressure upstream in major CPGs to innovate against shopper NEEDS— occasion based shopping. To effectively meet future consumer demand, we need to innovate and shelve products based on how people use the product. This is the way of the future to be a thought leader with retailers."

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Future of Food: Like it or Not, Clean Meat is Coming - 

At the cutting edge of food technology, clean meat companies like Future Meat Technologies, Memphis Meats, Mosa Meat, Finless Foods and SuperMeat are among the pioneers of creating meat in labs. Futurists like Richard Branson and Bill Gates, and even *huge food producers like Tyson Foods and Cargill* have invested in American company Memphis Meats—a reflection of things to come.

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Grocery shopping 2.0: You'll soon be able to scan for food allergies with tap of an iPhone -


If you're lactose intolerant, counting calories, or trying to fill your kitchen with gluten-free foods, you'll soon be able to use your smartphone to scan a grocery store shelf and pinpoint items that specifically meet your dietary needs.

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From Syndicated to Custom: Transform Your Nielsen/IRI Product Data - Part 2 - 

In my previous blog post, I described two ways to customize your Nielsen/IRI product data by renaming and grouping product values. In a continuation of that post, I’ll now describe a third way of customizing your data—by creating new attributes.

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Hormel to sell its CytoSport business to Pepsi -

Hormel Foods is selling its CytoSport business to PepsiCo for an undisclosed amount, according to a releaseCytoSport makes protein powders, shakes and bars under its Muscle Milk and Evolve Protein brands.

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Kroger, Microsoft partner on retail-as-a-service platform -

Under a new partnership, Kroger and Microsoft Corp. said Monday that they will jointly develop and market a commercial retail-as-a-service (RaaS) product for the retail industry. Plans call for the solution to be piloted at a Kroger store in Monroe, Ohio, and a QFC store in Redmond, Wash., near both companies’ headquarters.

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What happened when female-led companies labeled their products ‘women-owned’ -

ints of Coolhaus ice cream are labelled with bold logos declaring that the sweet treat is made from cage-free eggs, organic cane sugar and “real” California milk. But one logo gets a bigger reaction than the others: A dark pink W surrounded by the words “certified women-owned.”  “It’s been a huge success,” said Coolhaus co-founder Natasha Case. “Once we put that seal on there, the way it’s connected and resonated on social media, with buyers, with shoppers, with clients — it’s been massive.”

(curated by @nicolemeyerson)