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By: Label Insight Team on February 18th, 2019

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Curated News from the week 6

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A busy week of curated news came flooding in this last week, with much of the following news posted on Monday.  A lot of regulatory news this week, with announcements from the FDA as well as content relating to sulfates in cosmetics. Some interesting news in the e-commerce space, with a large funding, some news about e-commerce growth. The news week finished up with an article about Kroger and Microsoft partnering around exciting new shelf tag technology, and then an opinion piece relating to the role of advertising in CPG and retailer relations.


The year is starting to warm up!!  Have a great week everyone. 


FDA targets illegally marketed dietary supplements  - 

The US Food and Drug Administration is taking new action against dietary supplements, sending warning letters to companies who claim, without proof, that their products can prevent or treat Alzheimer's, diabetes and cancer, the agency announced Monday.  The FDA vowed to update its policies on dietary supplements, promising "one of the most significant modernization's of dietary supplement regulation and oversight in more than 25 years," according to a statement by FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

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US online CPG sales grew 35.4% in 2018 representing 11% of the total market -

Online sales of consumer packaged goods (CPGs) rose 35.4% in 2018, according to a report from research, data and predictive analytics firm Information Resources Inc. (IRI).  CPGs are items used daily by most consumers and need to be replaced frequently, such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs and other consumables.

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Pepsi, Nestle, and more will test reusable packaging subscription service - 

Pepsi, Unilever, and Nestle plan to start offering their products through a subscription delivery service with one key twist: all of its packaging will be reusable. The service, called Loop, will launch with 25 big-name partners, and it hopes to stand out by offering a more environmentally friendly take on a subscription plan.

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Why Target is focusing its mobile strategy on a single app -

Target is on a path to consolidate its suite of mobile apps into one, combining mobile shopping, the loyalty program and payments in a single place after experimenting with a litany of separate apps.

Over the past decade, the retailer rolled out a number of consumer-facing apps: the Target app, launched ten years ago; pharmacy app Healthful; bridal and baby registry app Registry; discount offers app Cartwheel; and Target Connected, a companion app for its connected lights system launched in 2018.

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Do You Know What’s in Your Cosmetics? -

Thousands of chemicals, in billions of dollars worth of products, are being governed by regulations that haven’t been updated in decades.

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DoorDash is reportedly raising $500M at a $6B+ valuation -

Just days after Postmates filed confidential paperwork for an initial public offering, the latest news in the on-demand delivery space is that competitor DoorDash is in the process of raising a $500 million round, The Wall Street Journal reports. The round would reportedly value DoorDash at more than $6 billion and possibly up to $7 billion.  According to the WSJ, Temasek Holdings Pte., Singapore’s state investment firm, is expected to lead the round.

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Here's the Truth About Sulfates in Your Beauty Products -

In this day and age, it can feel nearly impossible to shop for personal-care products without getting worried and overwhelmed about all the ingredients inside them. We’re bombarded with warnings to avoid ingredients like parabens, aluminum, and sulfates. When it comes to the latter, there is no lack of products on the shelves that boldly tout their “sulfate-free” or “SLS-free” status. But despite that visibility, sulfates are still widely used.

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Retailers Should Pay Extra Special Attention To Kroger's Shelf Labeling Plans With Microsoft -

Kroger’s recently announced digital shelf labeling tests, at one store in Ohio and one in Washington, and done in partnership with Microsoft, are cool. Really freaking cool.  Many share this sentiment. A few weeks ago at NRF’s Big Show 2019, the Kroger/Microsoft exhibit, where the digital shelving was on display, attracted standing-room-only crowds. 

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Grocers aim to capture more advertising dollars from CPGs -

Amazon has one of the biggest advertising businesses in the retail sector and several retailers — including Kroger, Ahold Delhaize and Target — as well as digital retailers like Boxed are following suit with their own digital media services, according to reports.

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