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By: Label Insight Team on February 11th, 2019

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Curated News from the week 5

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An interesting week of curated news from the Label Insight team, with news coming out of Nestle about major steps they are taking towards transparency, coverage of the Super Bowl Corn Syrup debacle, to an intereting personalized nutrition acquisition around personalized microbiome.  There's never a dull week in the food industry. 


Enjoy your week. 


Nestle speeds up efforts towards full supply chain transparency -

Nestlé today announced that it would disclose the list of suppliers alongside a variety of data of its 15 priority commodities, the first disclosure of its kind in the industry. This will accelerate the company's journey to reach full supply chain transparency. These commodities cover 95 percent of the company’s annual sourcing of raw materials.

(curated by @theabourianne)

'Kids are not born with an innate desire for chicken nuggets'  - 

As families eat out more frequently than generations past, they are demanding healthier and more interesting meals for kids. 

(curated by @nicolemeyerson)


Consumers struggle to shop for healthy food, survey says -

The International Food Information Council Foundation and the American Heart Association reported in a study sent to Food Dive that 95% of Americans say that they always or sometimes look for healthy options when food shopping. Only 28%, however, say that information is easy to find.

(curated by @labelinsightmarketing)


Why corn syrup is used to brew beer - 

By at least some accounts, the big loser in last night’s Super Bowl wasn’t the Los Angeles Rams, but the corn industry. During the game, Bud Light — one of the Super Bowl’s most conspicuous and discussed sponsors — ran a spot criticizing Miller Lite and Coors Light’s use of corn syrup as a brewing ingredient.

(curated by @alyssalanger)


Corn Growers, MillerCoors Respond to Bud Light Corn Syrup Commercial -

The dust is starting to settle after the controversy in agriculture related to Bud Light’s Super Bowl advertisement touting its lack of corn syrup. Miller Lite and Coors Light were called out by Bud Light during several Super Bowl commercials in its “Dilly Dilly” series of advertisements.

(curated by @johnveltri)


FDA Alerts Pet Owners about Potentially Toxic Levels of Vitamin D in Several Dry Pet Foods -

The FDA is alerting pet owners and veterinary professionals about recalls of several dry dog foods after receiving complaints that dogs eating the food experienced vitamin D toxicity. Testing found that samples of the dog food contained excessive, potentially toxic amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for dogs, but very high amounts can cause serious health problems like kidney failure or death.

(curated by @rosswallace)


After uproar, Instacart Backs Off Controversial Tipping Policy -

On Wednesday, Instacart, the Silicon Valley upstart that delivers groceries and other household items to customers through an app, reversed a tipping policy that had outraged workers, who accused the $7 billion company of cheating them out of rightfully earned wages.

(curated by @daveaniol)


A major step forward for personalized nutrtion: Viome to acquire Habit from Campbell Soup

Microbiome-based personalized food start-up Viome has entered into an agreement to buy fellow personalized nutrition company Habit from Campbell Soup 

(curated by @jasonlipsitz)