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Ronak Sheth

By: Ronak Sheth on March 4th, 2015

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Mobile and E-commerce. How Does Label Insight Fit In?

Company Viewpoint

As my colleague, Anton Xavier, discussed in a previous post, 2014 saw an 8.5% increase in online sales for Black Friday sales. Concurrently, nearly half of online traffic came from mobile devices, 46.7% to be exact, and accounted for over 25% of online sales for 2014.

It is due to these trends in mobile and ecommerce that our customers are increasingly interested in our data capabilities and technology.

Retailers are looking to allow their online shoppers to filter, sort and group  products in an increasing number of ways to account for the proliferation of consumer trends.

Along with the desire to display and provide increasing amounts of product information online, retailers and manufacturers are exploring how to optimize their mobile applications. Our customers are looking to offer the maximum amount of information while taking into consideration the limited space on mobile phone screens.

In this video segment I discuss how our customers are looking for Label Insight to help them achieve their  Mobile and E-commerce goals.


About Ronak Sheth

Ronak Sheth is Label Insight's CEO, bringing 16-years of startup experience in software applications, consulting, technology, manufacturing, and sales to the role. He has leveraged his consulting and technology skills to drive strategic initiatives for global companies across various industries including consumer products, grocery retail, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, high-tech electronics, chemicals, oil, industrial, and legal.