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Dagan Xavier

By: Dagan Xavier on May 2nd, 2017

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Label Insight Powers Data to Better Understand Sodium Content of Bread Products in the US

Company Viewpoint

With the launch of Label Insight’s Open Data Initiative in late January, academic researchers and nonprofit organizations gained access to Label Insight’s product data in order to advance critical research topics that affect today's increasingly health conscious food shoppers. 

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Last month we were excited to share how Label Insight’s data is being used to power front-of-pack labeling research and last month we shared how our data is contributing to improved awareness of added sugars in our food supply. Today, we’re sharing another real-life application of our data being used by academic researchers.

The objective of the latest research was to examine sodium levels of bread products in the United States and to compare levels to similar products in the United Kingdom.

Many Americans are consuming more sodium than the daily recommendation. And much of this sodium comes from packaged foods, bread being a major contributor. In the United Kingdom, national sodium reduction strategies contributed to lower sodium levels in packaged foods and lower population sodium intake. Similar initiatives are emerging in the United States.

This study examined sodium data for bread products, obtained from Label Insight’s Open Data Initiative in the US and the FoodSwitch database in the UK. The mean, median, and range of sodium content, and proportion of products meeting sodium targets established by the National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI) and the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) were calculated overall, by bread type, and by country.

The results of this study, coming out later this year will be a big step forward in establishing a benchmark between US and UK bread products and the way we may produce these products regarding sodium composition with an eye to the sodium reduction guidelines outlined by the FDA.

Label Insight is proud to be part of this meaningful research project and we look forward to more to come.

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