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Paul Schaut

By: Paul Schaut on May 4th, 2017

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Label Insight Joins the Century Club

Label Insight News  |  Company Viewpoint

This is an exciting week for Label Insight, as we welcome our 99th and 100th employees to the team!


Label Insight Co-Founder, Dagan Xavier, addresses the company.

When I moved from a board director role into the role of active CEO in March of 2016, I was employee #34. Since then, Label Insight has experienced rapid and purposeful growth.

The consumer mandate for product transparency has caused a huge shift for the CPG and retail industries. Label Insight is playing a pivotal role in the way the industry responds to consumers demands in this multi-billion dollar industry.

Because of this, the demand for Label Insight's solutions that help brands and retailers provide the product transparency that consumers seek grows in parallel. And our new talent continues to provide us with the necessary support to maintain our high standards as we scale to fulfill customer demands. As a byproduct of the growth in our industry, and the growth of our team, we’ve experienced 4x ARR in the past twelve months.   


100 people.jpg

Snack Challenges, 100 tacos, and 100 Grand bars

Yesterday we took some time to celebrate these milestones with snack challenges, 100 tacos, and 100 Grand bars. We heard a few words from our newest employees about what inspired them to join Label Insight as well as a few words from our founders. Then the Chicago office headed to a happy hour at Saint Lou's Assembly and the St. Louis office took off for The Over/Under Bar & Grill


100 happy hour.jpg

Some of the Label Insight team at Saint Lou's Assembly 

Today, as I reflect on the the hard work and teamwork that brought us to this pivotal point, I’m excited about what the future holds for our company and our team. This summer our team in St. Louis will move to a new office space to accommodate their growth, and the team in Chicago is quite literally, busting through the walls to expand their current space in their existing location.


stl and chi construction.jpg

Chicago office expansion construction (left) and the new Saint Louis office space (right)

I look forward to helping to lead this team to even greater growth and success. And I look forward to breaking even more new ground in the product transparency movement.


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