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Peter Kimes

By: Peter Kimes on August 16th, 2017

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Insight from the LInterns - A Farewell from Our Summer Interns

Company Viewpoint

As the summer begins to wind down here at Label Insight I find myself having mixed emotions at the end of of my internship. On one hand, I am ecstatic knowing all of the amazing work I have been able to contribute to over the past three months here in Chicago. On the other hand, a tinge of sadness stays with me as I think about leaving this awesome company.

My Journey with Label Insight

My journey with Label Insight began three years ago when I was 18 (thanks Ronak for taking a chance on me) when I came on as a Data Quality intern. Through my first experience at LI I was able to learn some of the ins-and-outs of the company, and most importantly, learn what makes our data so unique and powerful. Throughout the summer I became familiar with the people and culture that make LI such an amazing place to work. At the end of my internship I was lucky enough to be offered a position on the QA team working remotely from school. Looking back on this first experience with Label Insight, it's truly amazing to me to see just how much this company has grown in the few years I have been a part of it.

image1 (2).jpg

Chicago Interns: Peter Kimes and Kate Richey

Searching for an Internship

When I began searching for an internship again this past spring, LI was my first choice given my previous experience with the company. Once again, I was lucky enough to come back and intern at LI, this time as a Finance and Customer Success intern. While I thought I knew what to expect, when I walked into the Chicago office on my first day my immediate reaction was shock. I could not believe how much growth there had been in 2 short years; going from a handful of dedicated individuals to a workforce of almost 100 all sharing this mission of product transparency. I’m not going to lie, that first day I was intimidated walking into the LI office. This intimidation, however, shortly fell away to excitement as I began to become reintegrated into the amazing culture we have at LI. From day one I was able to meet my managers who gave to give me great guidance and advice throughout my time here. I joined on and collaborated with the awesome members of the CS team, all of whom are some of the hardest working people I've ever met. Finally, I was able to branch out and have flexibility in my role here, taking on projects in areas of the company I found interesting such as Marketing and Business Intelligence.

Label Insight is a Great Place to be an Intern

All of this is to say, LI is a truly great place to be an intern. The skills and knowledge I have taken from my time at this company are extremely valuable, and I feel confident knowing that I have contributed to the great things we are doing for the industry. I was also lucky enough to work alongside a team of some very bright and knowledgeable interns throughout the St. Louis and Chicago offices. Here is what the other LInterns have to say about their time here at LI:

“One of the best parts of working at LI for me was how coming to work feels more like a family not a workforce. In the three months that I have spent here, I have been able to learn more than nine months in a classroom, and that is truly valuable to me.” - Sean King - Engineering Intern in the Chicago office

"Being able to better my own skills in business analytics, while at the same time being part of a team who has made day-to-day and down-the-road tasks more efficient for LI was the best of both worlds. I met a lot of passionate and quirky people who made my time here a lot of fun and they treated me like I had been working with LI for a long time which made me much more comfortable in a new place. I knew it was going to be a great summer, the moment a dog jumped up on me as I walked through the door on my first day." - Brendan Doyle - Data Intern in the Chicago office


linterns brendan and sean-830247-edited.jpg

Chicago Interns: Sean King and Brendan Doyle

“One of my favorite things about Label Insight was when people brought in their dogs on Fridays! It also made my experience so much better when everyone who works here was always willing to help me or answer any questions I had. By the end of my first week I wasn't scared to ask a "dumb" question. It also helped that someone accidentally hit me in the head with a nerf gun on my first day. Really broke the ice.” - Kate Richey - Customer Success Intern in the Chicago office

“I've enjoyed my time here as I don't think I've felt this comfortable in a work environment before. Coming from the corporate world, it's nice to be able to be myself in an office environment and it's been awesome getting to know my team. I've been able to be fairly autonomous and use my background in operations and research as well as skills from both the MBA and MPH. I'll be bummed when I have to go back to school in a few weeks!” - Kalin Pearce - Data QA Intern in the St. Louis office


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St. Louis Interns (left to right) Kalin, Tori, Jenn, Kayla, Emily, and Hobbs (dog)

“My favorite thing about working at Label Insight was the atmosphere. Everyone was so welcoming from day one, everyone is always willing to answer all of my questions, and there are so many opportunities to get to know people outside of the office. Also, you can bring your dog to work!!!! What’s not to love?” - Tori Bertucci - Data Recognition Intern in the St. Louis office

“The best part of my summer was getting to immerse myself in the LI Culture. I was able to be involved in anything and everything. I got to work with a wide range of people, while also getting the most out of being in a new city. From volleyball game, to the picnics at the Botanical Gardens, I never had a dull day at LI!” - Jennifer Gould - Data Transformation & Attribution Intern in the St. Louis office

“‘We only count laughs per serve.’ This was in reference to STL's volleyball league Label Inspike! They told me that the first time I played volleyball with them and it made me feel so much better about being horrible.” - Emily Fortinos - Data Transformation Intern in the St. Louis office

"My favorite part of LI is the culture that it has built and continues to build. I truly feel that everybody strives not only for the success of the company, but the attainment of a very welcoming and fun environment. It's the perfect balance of working towards a great cause while having a ton of fun along the way" - Kayla Macione - Data Recognition Intern in the St. Louis office

Congrats to Kayla who is now joining Label Insight full time in the position of Jr. Data Recognition Analyst in our St. Louis office!

What was my favorite part of being an LI Intern?

For me, one of my times spent at LI were movie nights in the Millennium Park (highly recommend), and simply sharing a laugh or a beer with the great people that work here. Finally I just want to say one more massive thank you to the people who have made this internship such a fun and meaningful experience for me this summer. Although I am leaving Label Insight, I confident knowing that there is nothing but good things in the future for LI as we continue to change the world.

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