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By: Label Insight Team on November 14th, 2018

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This month in CatMan (November, 2018)

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CatMan at Label Insight:


Webinar 11/30: CMA & Label Insight host - "Innovating with Category Management through Transparency"

In the age of transparency and digital, consumers are making purchase decisions based on product features and attributes not typically included on packaging – or in category management. Learn how category management practitioners can unlock hidden buying trends and growth white spaces to deliver portfolio and category growth with Explore Plus for Category Management.

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Category Management Plan Example - Jones Grocery Launched

Following on from our Category +Transparency white paper published by FMI & Label Insight, we are producing a full 8 step attribute driven category management plan example that we're publishing over the next 8 weeks. For the series we created a fictional "Jones Grocery" and are walking through the category management planning process highlighting the benefits of taking an attribute driven approach. The results are quite striking.  

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This month in series launched

To organize all the content we are producing and consuming, and to provide regular readers with a condensed summary that can be used to catch up once a month, we are producing a regular "This month in" series against our four core solution pillars (as outlined below). As the series rolls out please feel free to let us know how to evolve the content to make it a useful resource for you.

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CatMan in the News: Raley’s takes aim at added sugar in cereal

Label Insight comment: We are proud partners of Raley's in the challenge to provide their shoppers with a thoughtful engaging shopping experience and so we're delighted to see them lead in ways such as this. Supercharge Your Customer-Centric Category Planning with Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises category managers the ability to act on real-time insights delivered by customer behavior data. But, to reap the rewards of leveraging shopper insight to instantly inform decision-making, they need to move beyond the limitations of traditional legacy system and manual process approaches. We all learn to crawl before we can run, and it’s no different for category managers when employing new technologies.

Label Insight comment: We recently wrote a post about our views on artificial intelligence and the opportunity of revolutionizing how retailers engage with shoppers.  This post further supports that hypothesis.  Another thing we found interesting was that the top two barriers to achieving this success were stated as being, Inconsistent or incomplete data, and insufficient data analytics talent or capability - both things that we solve for you here at Label Insight Consumers enthused by ‘better for you’ groceries

Grocery manufacturers’ shift toward “better for you” products has made consumers happier with packaged foods from all types of companies, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). Customer satisfaction with grocery food — including packaged foods from chocolate, baked goods and cereal to meat, cheese and frozen food — rose 1.2% year over year to a score of 82 on a 0 to 100 scale, according to the ACSI Nondurable Products Report 2018, which polled 5,315 consumers.

Label Insight comment: We fundamentally believe that this is a mega trend that is not going to go away, and if anything it is only going to strengthen, diversify and fragment even further over time. CatMan + Transparency: Discover How Transparency and Attribute-Driven Buying Behavior Are Evolving Category Management. (whitepaper)

Learn how Category Management practitioners can unlock hidden buying trends and growth white spaces to deliver portfolio and category growth. Consumer demand for transparency is one of the most powerful attitudinal trends driving shopper behavior, and it’s changing the way the CPG industry operates. In the age of transparency and digital experiences, consumers are making purchase decisions based on product features and attributes not typically included on packaging or employed in the practice of category management. Today’s consumers want to see everything from ingredient definitions, country of origin, to sustainability practices.

Label Insight comment: We fundamentally believe CatMan2.0 is going to further evolve to cater towards the attribute driven market. (WhitePaper): Competing in the Age of Amazon: Profitable Category Diversification & Expansion Leveraging Customer Insight

A closer look at the category management process of Amazon reveals the customer-centric approach they have adopted while efficiently planning the category development process. This ebook discusses how retailers and suppliers have the opportunity to tap into this category development and optimization opportunity window and emerge as the leaders in their respective categories and markets.

Label Insight comment: An informative data driven whitepaper that makes some interesting points about one of Amazon's strengths being a customer-centric user experience.  Again we believe this relates to a post series we created arguing the importance of a customer-centric user experience powered by high-order product data that you can also read here, for more an in-depth opinion.


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