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Learn about big data technology and trends for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail industries.

Zeyad Deeb

Data Science at Label Insight

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In the (AI)sle™ - Part III Object Localization

Consumers’ minds are susceptible to subtle subconscious cues. It is estimated that up to 40% of consumers change their minds at the point of purchase because of something they see, learn, or do (Source: Huffington Post). For example, if a shopper goes to the store and gets a craving for chocolate, she will value options with that ingredient differently than she would on a normal day. But consumer choices are getting more complicated and more diverse over time. Brands and retailers who want to succeed in attracting and retaining customers will need to rely on data to make strong business decisions. That's where we come in!

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(AI)sle  |  data science

In the (AI)sle™ - Part II - Utilizing Natural Language Processing with Product Data

You've heard it before: color has an impact on our mood and our appetite. Consumers have adjusted to years of evolving marketing tactics designed to draw shopper attention, build credibility, and communicate value. The problem is, not everyone can agree on what certain words mean. Take, for instance, "all natural flavor," "made with real cheese," or, my favorite, "made with love." While the legal definition of a "natural" flavor could mean a flavor essence or an actual juice derivative, a discerning parent just wants to know it's organic. Well, ok, but is it certified organic? We are here to help!

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In the (AI)sle™ - Part I

How Artificial Intelligence can make a difference at the grocery store With the advent of veganism, the keto diet, and the rise of severe food allergies in kids, it's no wonder that retailers and brands alike are looking for ways to stand out in the chaos that is grocery store aisles. Consumers have more choices than ever, but the complexities of modern packaging and labeling can confuse the decision-making process. That's where we come in.

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