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Learn about big data technology and trends for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail industries.

Lauren Gibbons

Lauren is the Director of Marketing at Label Insight. Lauren and the Chicago-based marketing team help Label Insight and our Retail and CPG customers grow. It’s her goal to ensure Label Insight’s are solutions visible in the market and build engaging marketing content and programs to empower retailers and brands to better serve shoppers. Lauren is passionate about natural, sustainable, humane products that support optimal brain and body function. She’s committed to ensuring every consumer can find the products that meet their unique needs. Before joining Label Insight, Lauren led the demand generation practice at OpinionLab and Verint Customer Engagement Solutions. She’s also served in roles at a marketing agency supporting tech clients and at Microsoft.

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Leadership Profile: Lauren Gibbons

Throughout March, Label Insight is profiling female leaders from across our company in honor of Women’s History Month. The contributions of these individuals to our industry and our company are significant and inform a perspective we hope will be valuable and inspirational to the next generation of women in technology.

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