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Video of the week: The 4 P's of Category Management


This week we had a team representing at the Category Management and Shopper Insights Conference in Las Vegas. It was an exciting conference with lots of talk of innovation and creative ideas about how to leverage technology across the category management process. It was great to be reminded, at the core, what a fundamental role Category Management plays in the growth of the industry.  

“Strategic choices made by suppliers across the 4 P's will usually affect the 4 P's for the retailer,"

 Sue Nicholls, Category Management Knowledge Group

The video below highlights the 4 P's of Category Management: Product, Placement, Price & Promo. Given all the exciting talk of technology and innovation at the conference among industry leaders, we thought it relevant to keep our feet firmly based in the fundamentals of the discipline. We also liked the fact that this video demonstrates how inherently collaborative the category management process needs to be.

Hope you have a good end to your week.