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By: Label Insight Team on April 11th, 2016

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3 Steps to SmartLabel (Yes, it’s that easy!)


Your consumers want transparency. They want to know what’s in the products they’re eating and using. As a brand, you want to deliver this information. So when the SmartLabel initiative was announced you rejoiced. A way to conveniently give shoppers access to lots of information about your products? Yes, please! 

But if you’re like many CPG companies, participation in SmartLabel can be cumbersome, requiring time, resources and a lot of manual data entry.

Sound familiar? It does to Unilever. The CPG giant wanted to go to market with SmartLabel for its Hellmann’s brand, but needed help generating and mapping the large amounts of product data it wanted to share. That’s when Unilever turned to Label Insight. The company adopted our SmartSPEC technology to make participation in SmartLabel quick and simple.

And when we say quick and simple we mean it. Participation involves just three easy steps, taking you from product package image to SmartLabel compliant in as little as 24 hours. Here’s how it works.

upload.jpgStep 1: Upload Package Flats

What brands do: Drag and drop your product packaging images to the SmartSPEC platform. If you want to include off-package information, you’ll provide this data to us during this step.

What Label Insight does: We digitize and analyze your product data, then map it to the 52 mandatory SmartLabel attributes. If you’re providing off-package information to fulfill any of the 189 voluntary SmartLabel attributes (e.g., GMO disclosure or origin information), we’ll generate and map this data, too. 


Step 2: Verify Digitized Data

What brands do: Log in to the SmartSPEC platform and verify your data using our simple, self-guided interface. You’ll see your raw data, such as ingredients and nutrients, along with the analysis and mapping of this data to the mandatory attributes (and any voluntary attributes, if applicable). During this step you’ll also choose your ingredient definitions -- either from Label Insight’s library of approved definitions, or you can provide your own.

What Label Insight does: We update your information and attributes based on any changes or additions you make during the verification process.


Step 3: SmartLabel Landing Page Created

What Label Insight does: We use our SmartSPEC API to populate your landing pages in accordance with SmartLabel requirements. We also can host and maintain these pages depending on your needs.

What brands do: Once your landing pages are created, you’ll want to determine how to incorporate these into your brand’s existing digital presence. For example, Hellmann’s integrates its SmartLabel pages into the brand website, creating a seamless experience for visitors seeking product information.

See, it really is easy. But we know seeing is believing, so let us show you how SmartSPEC works. Contact us today to schedule a demo. We’ll also provide you with a free SmartLabel Readiness Assessment to kick start your SmartLabel efforts.

Want to hear more about Unilever’s SmartLabel journey? Label Insight and Unilever recently  hosted a webinar -- Getting Smart About SmartLabel -- focused on our big learnings and offering tips for getting started. Take a listen.

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