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Jacob Childerson

By: Jacob Childerson on February 2nd, 2021

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Win the Digital Shelf with Label Insight and Salsify

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This past week, Label Insight announced our partnership with Salsify, the commerce experience management platform that helps brands win on the digital shelf, to dramatically improve product data quality and the digital shelf experience overall.

We’ve listened to many customers highlight the struggles they face to ensure product data consistency and accuracy, including investments in multiple methods of product data maintenance and delivery. This partnership enables bidirectional data transfer between our proprietary product attribute metadata platform and Salsify’s commerce experience management solution, CommerceXM, further simplifying and initiating new growth opportunities for brands and retailers. 

What does this partnership mean for you?

Benefit for Brands Working with Label Insight

You’ll be able to immediately improve product accuracy and completeness by delivering Label Insight’s high quality, robust content and metadata directly to Salsify, strengthening the ability to create new product data and enrich existing product data. This partnership also ensures efficient, complete, and accurate data delivery to your retail partners by streamlining the submission process from Salsify to Label Insight. 

With 84% of brands failing to claim at least one of their top three most searched attributes, this partnership also allows brands to optimize product content across retail channels by directly publishing Label Insight’s granular attributes to Salsify.

Benefit for Brands Working with Salsify

Brands working with Salsify are now able to increase speed to market by launching additional content with new and existing retail channels by leveraging Label Insight data and enhance overall business intelligence to drive e-commerce sales. 

Manual internal processes leave room for error. Brands can manage and minimize the processes to set up product data in Salsify with a consolidated, regulated delivery system set to your preferred cadence from Label Insight. 

Benefits for Retailers

The root cause of a poor shopper experience is incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent product data flowing to retailers from CPG brands. Current retailer systems fail to return 92% of the products in their assortment that qualify for attribute-based searches on their websites.

This partnership streamlines and unifies a retailer’s ability to set up brand product data on e-commerce channels for their entire portfolio with Label Insight data. Retailers can be assured that their brand-provided content is in-sync with the rich Label Insight metadata being used to power their health and wellness programs, faceted and organic search, and loyalty and personalization programs.

Without a product attribute metadata platform like Label Insight and a commerce experience management platform like Salsify, identifying which products qualify for specific consumer need states is a manual, time consuming, and costly process for CPG brands that varies between retailers. 

Label Insight and Salsify together help to remove the barriers to high-quality and complete product data and connect shoppers with the products that matter most. 

If you are interested in learning more about this partnership and what it means for you, please reach out to our Subject Matter Experts or your account representative. 

About Jacob Childerson

Jacob Childerson is currently VP of Customer Success and Strategic Partnerships for Label Insight, driving omnichannel growth for CPG brands and retailers.