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Paul Schaut

By: Paul Schaut on April 11th, 2017

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Why I'm Energized by Our Spring 2017 All Hands

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Our team of just under one hundred gathered at our St. Louis office and nearby coworking space T-REX last week for our semi-annual company "All Hands" experience. As the picture below shows, we’re getting so large we can barely pack everyone into one photo!

AH17 Spring Group Photo.png

What is All Hands? Twice a year we spend a few days together as a company to stay aligned on our strategy, learn how to work well together and leverage our strengths, and plan our future. As a fast growing company, it's a true privilege to be able to come together for a fun and truly educational experience like this.

Growing this quickly certainly comes with challenges. We have to balance our excitement and energy with focus and attention to detail. We must combine our innovative spirits with our drive to execute and iterate. This week I was once again reminded that this team has that balance and combination in spades.

We spent our time together on a variety of activities including diving into the many roles across departments to better understand what each team does every day. We dedicated time to bonding face-to-face and learning about each other’s interests and how to best leverage our individual strengths. We discussed our core values, what they mean to us, and how we’ll live them each day. And of course, we set aside some time for fun.


As I leave this all hands experience I am energized and motivated to help lead this team toward even greater growth and future success.


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