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By: Label Insight Team on February 22nd, 2019

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Video of the week: Kroger & Microsoft new shelf tags


I previously posted a video on the new Kroger shelf tags here.  The previous post was an "early impressions" video with some consumer interviews.  This latest video comes from Geekwire via a forbes article and is a deeper dive in to the potential of the technology based on recent showing at NRF's Big Show 2019.  

“So, wait, you mean you can help me locate the groceries I want to buy with personalized signals of where they are on a shelf as I walk by?” some asked

The emphasis in this silent video (i spent 20 minutes trying to fix the audio on my computer before realizing it's silent) is on the potential to interact with consumers in personalized ways and to deliver personalized information.  Tieing together the shelf experience, with your personal hand held device and /or a shopping scanner also helps to bring the online and in-store experience together as well.  We're very excited to see how this will evolve the shopping experience going forward.