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By: Label Insight Team on February 6th, 2019

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Video of the week: Transparency gone mainstream?


Is there any better measure of the mainstream zeitgeist than the content of the Super Bowl ads? This year the ads were specifically telling about the importance of transparency in our industry (and probably the more entertaining part of the day!). 

The following three commercials represented brands choosing to spend $5-10M for a spot to talk about ingredients. It seems clear that this represents the need for transparency and the pressure companies are feeling to provide consumers with more information, even leveraging transparency as a point of differentiation – and not so subtly, sometimes! Enjoy.

1. Bud Light, No corn syrup - $10.5M spend



2. Michelob Ultra, No artificial colors or flavors - $5.25M spend



3. Michelob Ultra Pure Gold, Organic beer - $7.875M spend