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Learn about big data technology and trends for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail industries.

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Label Insight Works With American Heart Association® to Offer New Heart-Check Standard Certification Industry View

This morning, Label Insight is proud to introduce the American Heart Association Heart-Check Standard Certification Industry View. This new offering provides data for the industry to better understand market coverage for Heart-Check Food Certification Program's standard certification, assess potential eligibility, and provide insights on why products that don't qualify are not meeting their criteria. With the introduction of this new View, brands, retailers, government agencies, and researchers can better understand the food supply as it relates to cardiovascular health. 

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Label Insight launches the first product imaging service linking data and images in a single solution

Simplifying the ecosystem by providing a single source for high-quality product images connected to complete product attribute data Two of the most persistent challenges for brands and retailers over the past several years, have been maintaining consistent, uniform, high-quality product images and satisfying the demand for transparency, which requires more detailed product data, specifically designed to meet the increasing consumer demand for better information and transparency. To make the situation more complex, linking data and images has been a daunting process due to the myriad image sources, data sources, distribution points and consumer touchpoints.

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