How Data Science Gives Label Insight a Competitive Edge

Posted by Sandra Hendren on November 16, 2017

Data science is fast becoming a core enabler of business innovation and competition. Given its notability , you would think that the successful use of data science within companies would be on the rise, but a report from MIT says no. Surprisingly, the percentage of companies claiming competitive advantage from their data science initiatives dropped from a high of almost 70% in 2012 to about 50% in 2016.  What’s going on?

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Highlights From the First Ever TransparencyIQ Conference

Posted by Stephanie Casstevens on October 19, 2017

TransparencyIQ, the breakthrough event focused on the impact of transparency and best practices, took place October 18th and 19th in Chicago, Illinois. After a hearty breakfast, Label Insight's CMO, Patrick Moorhead, took the attendees through an interactive quiz to test their TransparencyIQ. Attendees answered open-ended questions about their transparency journey as well as quiz questions about transparency and consumer expectations. 

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Meet the Team: Jacob Childerson, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Posted by Kira Karapetian on October 9, 2017

Welcome to "Meet the Team", a monthly series that introduces you to the great talent and leadership at Label Insight. This month we’re excited to introduce our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Jacob Childerson.

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SmartLabel Gains Momentum in 2017 in Preparation for Consumer Awareness Campaign

Posted by Stephen Poppe on September 19, 2017

The adoption, traffic and engagement numbers for SmartLabel™  are all on the rise as the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) looks to grow and mature this popular transparency initiative. 

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Major Brands and Retailers Pledge Support for First Ever Event Dedicated to Product Transparency

Posted by Kira Karapetian on August 23, 2017

Leaders in product transparency will gather on October 17-18, 2017 in Chicago to support TransparencyIQ, a Path to Purchase Institute event. Executives from Hershey, Raley’s, Nielsen, Unilever, and Walmart have rallied in support of the event, either through speaking engagements or participation in the advisory board.

TransparencyIQ will focus on the ways companies can begin or grow their product transparency initiatives, and is the industry's first and only event focused on the product transparency.

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Insight from the LInterns - A Farewell from Our Summer Interns

Posted by Peter Kimes on August 16, 2017

As the summer begins to wind down here at Label Insight I find myself having mixed emotions at the end of of my internship. On one hand, I am ecstatic knowing all of the amazing work I have been able to contribute to over the past three months here in Chicago. On the other hand, a tinge of sadness stays with me as I think about leaving this awesome company.

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Shines Spotlight on Sugar Concerns

Posted by Thea Bourianne on August 11, 2017

Confusion and Concern about Sugar

Ingredients matter today more than ever. According to Label Insight’s Shopper Trends study, 98% of shoppers think it’s important to consider the ingredients in the food products they purchase.

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Exponential Growth in New Label Adoption a Win for the Industry and Consumers

Posted by Dagan Xavier on July 28, 2017

In May of 2016, the country's first update to nutrition labels since the federal government started requiring them in the early 1990s, was unveiled. The idea behind this shift was to help consumers make more informed decisions about the foods and beverages they eat and drink.

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Amazon’s New Default Setting

Posted by Patrick Moorhead on June 26, 2017

Data Driven Experiences for Bricks + Clicks

Amazon Just Turned Up the Heat on All Retailers to Embrace Ecommerce

With its proven tech infrastructure and scale, Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods adds a highly valuable, much needed pile of bricks to Amazon’s brick+click equation, combining their industry leading customer & marketplace intelligence with a scaled distribution footprint and built-in consumer base for grocery. This move signals that it’s time for conventional retail to get serious about technological innovation, e-commerce, and consumer experience.  For conventional grocers, Amazon has just made your 3 year e-commerce and innovation strategy obsolete. 

Image via: My Private Brand

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Transparency is a Game Changer. Here are the New Rules

Posted by Anton Xavier on June 1, 2017

Disruptive Innovation: Welcome to a New Game

I recently ordered an automatic fish feeder for the twenty five fish that are part of my aquaponics system that’s sustainably producing salad and tomatoes for my small family of three. I hopped on and instantly filtered out all the automatic feeders that had less than 4 stars, then filtered to only those that can deliver to France (where I currently live). I then started diving into some of the products that looked good, and explored the product attributes - I had never bought an automatic feeder before, and so I was simultaneously educating myself on what was important and what the different brands stood for. This lead me to me filtering out a variety of brands that I had no interest in (the low cost ones), and then finally making a decision.

Just two days later, it showed up at my door. 

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