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Abbie Bys

By: Abbie Bys on December 19th, 2018

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As 2018 comes to a close, we are reflecting on what we have accomplished in our product development of the Publisher platform. Our customers have spoken and we have listened, and we acknowledge the need for continued iteration cycles and hope to release updates in Q2. In the beginning of the year, we heard the need to have more workflow tools. We added in the thumbs up/thumbs down feature for reviews, which over 90% of our SmartLabel customers use. We also added robustness to the change log to make auditing easier. 

To provide a higher level view of changes on a product over time, we released the "timeline" view to better help project champions quickly see high-level data development of the product. In 2019, we will start discovery with our SmartLabel Customer Advisory Board on user-driven fields in the list view. Many customers have remarked they need a way to build "in company" specific workflow fields into the Publisher list view. If you are a current customer and would like to provide use cases to help us build the most successful solution, reach out to your customer success rep!

Since Publisher was released in August 2017, we have always striven to provide brands full content management of their product data. This year, we continued to add fields which users could modify themselves without the need to reach out to the internal Label Insight team. The first of these releases was the ability to add, delete, and re-order parsed ingredients. We have seen an overall decrease in Zendesk tickets related to ingredient changes. This means quicker times to publish live pages. The second major content release was around allergen containment levels and the ability to add a new containment level with different subspecies, ingredients of allergen, and allergen containment level statements. Brands can now show contain/may contain/shared equipment/shared facility for tree nut, shellfish and fish to bring pages closer to what is shown on-package for a higher level of compliance.

The last few months of this year, the development team for Publisher has focused on platform scalability. In the new year, we look to make a full release of our global decisions dictionaries. These dictionaries will allow customers to manage their global decisions, such as the privacy policy at the bulk level through a new portal in Publisher. Today, those requests must pass through to a Label Insight team member. We continue to make platform improvements following the three pillars of the Publisher platform:

  1. Quickest time to Publish
  2. Full User Content Control
  3. Ability to add more mature and off-package content over time

We know for many of our customers, there is a need to get pages out in the market as products hit shelves, and that building off-package content such as ingredient and claims descriptions takes time. We want to help you reach your 2018 page count goals, and we look to make them the best-in-class content pages in 2019.

SmartLabel in the news:

The beginning of the year saw news published about the inherent benefits of SmartLabel. This was followed up throughout the year with news about how brands were reacting to the program. Finally, toward the end of the year, there were more reflective articles exploring whether or not SmartLabel had delivered on what it had promised - with a final piece proclaiming that SmartLabel had reached "critical mass" in stores.

Whatever your particular view, it is hard to ignore the fact that there are over 40,000 SmartLabel pages in the market in only 3 years, providing consumers with up-to-date, accurate, and comprehensive information about products they are looking to buy. (Jan. 2018) - "Progress getting toxic chemicals out of personal care products" (Feb. 2018) - "Consumers' shifting shopping habits create packaging challenges" (Feb 2018) - "Unilever unveils game changing fragrance transparency initiative" (Feb. 2018) - "Mondelez roles out SmartLabel app" (March 2018) - "Transparency critical to the future of food" (April 2018) - "SmartLabel gains traction as a tool for brands to meet consumers' mounting clean label demands" (July 2018) - "Food companies, consumers benefiting from smart labels" (Aug. 2018) - "LabelInsight and 1WorldSync introduce LabelSync, the industry's most comprehensive solution for product data distribution and transparency" (Nov. 2018) - "Has SmartLabel lived up to its potential in 3 years?" (Nov. 2018) - "Survey says consumers want more details on grocery packaging, is smartlabel the answer?" (Nov. 2018) - "SmartLabel reaches critical mass in stores"


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About Abbie Bys

Abbie is director of product development at Label Insight, overseeing the optimization of our SaaS platform providing CPG manufacturers and retailers the ability to unlock information and insights around food labels. She manages the planning and strategy of short- and long-term visions of the product based on market needs and user experience.