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Daniel Hawks

By: Daniel Hawks on December 21st, 2018

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This year in Retail Health & Wellness

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Working with retailers to enable incredible Health & Wellness programs has been in our wheel house since we were founded. We grew our business and technology by working with retailers to power their highly flexible, attribute-based shelf tag programs. We have been leaders in this space for over a decade, and work directly with leaders in the market. 2018 saw us continue to innovate in this critical space.

In our shelf edge solution, we leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically rank attributes by category or department, providing retailers with a highly customized and scalable attribute solution. We also worked to expand our product types to include food, personal care, pet food, household cleaners, OTC medicine, supplements, and alcohol. Generally, most of our retail partners implement their Health & Wellness (H&W) initiatives with a phased approach, first starting with food, then expanding into adjacent product types over time. We're excited to offer them more options for future expansion, following the consumer trend in holistic transparency: "in me, on me, around me."

One of the core value propositions of our retailer H&W offering is the ability for retailers to customize their H&W program with specific attributes that reflect their shopper base and desired experience. We have continued to expand our capabilities in this area, and will be looking toward customized attribution based on category in the future. The key to this is also the ability for retailers to leverage our Explore platform to visualize the attributes prior to implementation across all their products. This provides our partners with the ability to fine tune their custom attribute algorithms prior to rolling out a best-in-class H&W program across their stores.

In 2019, we will continue to expand and innovate to support our partners to remain best-in-class. We will focus to expand product types, and offer more in-depth and customizable attributes for each product type. We have a lot of exciting partnerships that will see the Label Insight retail H&W solution remain the leading product data H&W solution for retailers, and we look forward to updating you on the progress here on our blog.

Thanks for your support, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Daniel Hawks, Product Manager



Retail Health & Wellness in the news

Below we've curated a list of 2018 headlines, that we believe were most indicative of the year.  It was an interesting year, with a lot of merger and acquisition activity and a lot of innovation. Most notably was the progress both Kroger and Albertson's made into health and wellness as well as a handful of smaller retailers such as Weis, and Raleys. t is clear that Health and wellness is an area that is going to continue to be important into 2019. We're excited to see how the market develops and further innovates.


Making in-store wellness programs better - (Jan 2018)

Dollar General to host inaugural summit seeking grocery, health and wellness suppliers  - (Jan 2018)

Insurance plans push healthier choices at grocery store - (Feb 2018)

Albertsons and Rite Aid merge to create food, health and wellness leader - (Feb 2018) 

Albertsons readies digital marketplace for vendors - (Mar 2018)

Premium and wellness trends behind six-year surge in grocery spend - (Apr 2018)

Leveraging convenience, wellness helps supermarkets better sell health and beauty care  - (May 2018)

Grocery shopping has a hold on consumers, report shows - (Jun 2018)

Weiss markets rolls out plant powered wellness program to promote health benefits of vegan food  - (Jun 2018)

Grocery stores offering Dietitans to help customers make healthy food choices  - (Jul 2018)

Kroger rolls out app to spur healthier grocery - (Jul 2018)

Hy-Vee's new store format blends grocery with health and fitness - (Aug 2018 

Raley's offers personalized health program - (Aug 2018)

Wellness 2.0: how Albertsons, CVS and Eileen Fisher are ushering in the next phase of Health-focused retailing  - (Sep 2018) 

Online natural and organic grocery Thrive aims to fill niche  - (Oct 2018)

Ahold Delhaize USA eyes 'cleaner' private brands  - (Oct 2018) 

Kroger has gone full wellness with its 2019 trends  - (Oct 2018)

Asian grocery trends for 2019: convenience and partnerships  - (Nov 2018)

Time for grocers to take another look at health, Beauty and wellness   - (Nov 2018)

Safeway debuts AI-powered medical clinic - (Nov 2018)

Kroger buys pharmacy records from 42 Shopko stores  - (Dec 2018) 

Misconceptions about the grocery business, according to its emerging leaders  - (Dec 2018)



At Label Insight, we combine cutting edge technology with deep subject matter expertise to provide our partners and customers with solutions that help them to sell more products in an attribute-driven market. Want to learn how our Retail Health & Wellness solution can help you to sell more?  

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About Daniel Hawks

Daniel is Senior Product Manager in Label Insight's St. Louis office, with 16 years of experience in the technology industry. He has spent the past 6 years helping retailers and brands build experiences to connect consumers to the products they're looking for.