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Daniel Hawks

By: Daniel Hawks on December 20th, 2018

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This year in E-commerce & Omnichannel

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E-comm & Omnichannel at Label Insight:

Here at Label Insight, we have been working with retailers to manage their product data since our founding in 2008. Recently, we expanded our offering to include solutions that leverage LI high-order-attriibutes (HOAs) to power search and filter tools that increase engagement in omnichannel experiences.

Label Insight does the heavy lifting when it comes to onboarding supplier data, data digitization, and data management, taking what has previously been a manual process and automating it so that retailers can focus their attention on more important activities such as program customization. In 2018, we broadened our set of integration options to include Data API, Delta APIs, and automated monthly export in CSV or JSON. We also worked hard to expand our breadth of product type coverage, so shoppers can discover even more products on retailers' ecommerce and mobile applications. The main value that the LI HOAs provide for omnichannel experiences is that it helps engage shoppers to find more products more conveniently, and to build and maintain shopper trust and, consequently, loyalty.

In 2019, the team and I will be working to increase our coverage of the products that retailers carry by including additional product types, and generally expanding our coverage of UPCs. We will work to make the data available for further "ecommerce-friendly" data to integrate. We'll also work on brand name consistency, standardization of formatting, casing of product titles, and brand names. And, we'll release regular updates with new cutting edge attributes that will further drive engagement, and ultimately sales and market growth.

We're excited for the new year and to be working with such a leading group of retailers across the market.

Daniel Hawks, Product Manager

E-commerce in 2018

In an attempt to capture the narrative of the year in grocery e-commerce, we've captured the most relevant headlines of the year in chronological order. The idea is that, hopefully, through a curated list of headlines that we paint a representative narrative of the year. Clearly, the year starts off and is book-ended with Amazon. In between, there are ups and downs in confidence around e-commerce in the market, and concern around whether it will be adopted by consumers around the summer months. Moving into early fall, we start to see confidence return as retailers start posting their e-commerce growth results. We then start to see learnings from overseas, as well as news and movements by Kroger, Instacart, Walmart and Target, among others.  

Online Grocery Sales to reach $100 Billion in 2025;  Amazon is current and future leader - (Jan. 2018) 

Amazon's first checkout-free grocery store opens on Monday - Using 'Just walk out' technology to end queues, Amazon Go fires a warning to the high street. - (Jan. 2018):  

Researchers predict "tipping point" for grocery e-commerce to arrive in 2025 (March 2018)

How Target plans to build on its ecommerce momentum (March 2018)

How Ocado masters e-commerce grocery in the UK (May 2018)

Traditional Grocery Stores can benefit from growing e-commerce (May 2018)

Kroger ties up with Ocado as grocery e-commerce enters the next phase (May 2018)

Grocery E-commerce to Outgrow in-store sales tenfold (July 2018) 

How the growth of e-commerce is reshaping the logistics landscape (July 2018)

Is online grocery really going to explode in the US? (Aug. 2018) 

Grocers are sold on e-commerce.  Consumers? not so much. (Aug. 2018)

Target reports e-commerce growth of 41% in Q2 (Aug. 2018) 

Albertsons, Takeoff to pilot robotic e-commerce grocery fulfillment (Oct. 2018)

The future of e-commerce and retail will be written in China (Nov. 2018)

Alibaba's Daniel Zhang launches restructuring hot on the heels of US$30.8bn Singles' Day record (Nov. 2018)

Needing to touch and feel groceries is like believing the earth is flat (Nov. 2018) 

Instacart custs grocery delivery fees to heat up competition against amazon, shipt. (Nov. 2018)

Walmart testing same-day grocery delivery in China (Nov. 2018)

Walmart's Q3 e-commerce revenue jumps 43% on online grocery sales (Nov. 2018)

US grocery e-commerce market to hit nearly $27B by 2025 (Nov. 2018)

A look back at Walmart's multibillion-dollar shopping spree in 2018 (Dec. 2018)

A Chinese e-commerce app that lures grocery shoppers with cash just raised $100M in series B (Dec. 2018)

Year in Review: Amazon and Alibaba rocked, walmart idled, And Upstarts changed the game (Dec. 2018)

Inside New York's Online Grocery Wars: Freshdirect, still the dominant player in New York, is starting to lose its hard-won market share to deep-pocket rivals. (Dec. 2018)

Walmart partners with Rakuten to open its first e-commerce store in Japan - (Dec. 2018)

Kroger's online sales soar 60% in Q3 (Dec. 2018) 

Amazon is still king of online grocery wars, survey finds (Dec. 2018)

It's a pretty dynamic market and it is clear that 2019 is going to be a fascinating year with lots of change and disruption.  Want to keep on top of news and views from around the industry and the latest developments in attribute driven e-commerce & omnichannel experiences?



About Daniel Hawks

Daniel is Senior Product Manager in Label Insight's St. Louis office, with 17 years of experience in the technology industry. He has spent the past 7 years helping retailers and brands build experiences to connect consumers to the products they're looking for.