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John Veltri

By: John Veltri on December 20th, 2018

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This year in category management

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Category management at Label Insight

The first part of this year focused on validating the hypothesis that Label Insight high-order attributes (HOAs) could be useful for Category Management (CatMan) professionals. We attended the CMA Conference in February, where we talked to Category Managers, validating that there is a future in using HOAs for Category Management. Throughout the spring and early summer, we then set to complete a full category review using our HOAs and worked closely with Gordon Wade, industry veteran in Category Management. The end goal was to publish a white paper on “Innovating in Category Management,” demonstrating how HOAs are essential to the next generation of the practice.

In the fall, we focused on our go-to-market and launch activities. We developed personas, and aligned on a consistent offering between Nielsen Product Insider (NPI) and Explore (our own platform) to create Market Drivers Views. Label Insight officially launched Explore Plus for Category Management in October to an overwhelming response from the industry, further validating the value proposition for HOAs in the CatMan process.
It's been an incredible journey so far with our launch into this new and exciting use case for HOAs. And 2019 looks to be a continuation of that excitement. In Q1, we will be launching a new Category Management learning resource as part of our campaign to further engage the market, and we will be very active at the CMA conference in February. We will continue to experiment and innovate, and work with a partner to perform the first actual attribute-driven Category Management review, which we will aim to share with the wider community.
Nielsen Product Insider

Our partnered offering with Nielsen, although not limited to CatMan use cases, is relevant to discuss in this context. And so, it is with great excitement that I announce that we’ve seen accelerated growth of NPI over 2018. Much of the effort Label Insight and Nielsen made this year has been in expanding the available Product Insider characteristics within NPI to include many of Label Insight’s standard released views, much of which are now including “Claim Cert” characteristics. We’ve also worked with Nielsen over the last year to migrate to Label Insight’s current Explore API, allowing for Label Insight to scalably add more characteristics to the Nielsen Product Insider offering.

This fall, we added our first Custom View for Retailers, for one of our retailer partners to measure the impact of launching their Shelf Guide in stores and online. With this, they are able to track how their share of market for certain attributes shoppers care about has grown over the last year. 

Moving forward in 2019, we will continue to innovate with our shared partners and look forward to reporting back on the many new and exciting use cases we have planned for the year.

John Veltri, Category Management & Nielsen Product Insider Product Manager

CatMan in the News

Following is a list of curated headlines from the year in chronological order.  It is clear from these headlines, there is a lot of disruption taking place across the industry and that Category Management touches most of the areas that will need to innovate to keep up.  The year starts off optimistically with the typical predictions for the year and ahead and broad sweeping headlines about the "boom" coming to a market near you.  The tone, gradually changes as proclamations for change and innovation replace the general new year cheer.  And then finally the year wraps up with questions about how to position for change.

Whatever your position on where category management will evolve to over 2019, there is fundamental reading in the posts below.

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