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By: Label Insight Team on November 8th, 2018

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This Month at Label Insight (October 2018)

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As we work our way into the final quarter of 2019 we are excited to look back at some of the progress we made and to celebrate some of the content we launched to support the community. This post covers some of the highlights.


Label Insight was thrilled to sponsor the first-annual Groceryshop conference in Las Vegas, which was hosted by the same folks as Shoptalk. We mingled with CPG (consumer packaged goods), retail, and technology's biggest players, including Kraft Heinz, Coca-Cola, Albertsons, Publix, and Google. You can get a more in-depth post about our learnings  here, or peek at our social media accounts (@labelinsight on Twitter and Instagram) for real-time updates from last week.

CatMan + Transparency White Paper:

Early in the month we launched our CatMan + Transparency white paper to an amazing reception.   It was launched right on the heals of the FMI & Label Insight Transparency Imperative 2018 report and so we weren't sure we'd get as much traction.  But it has been by far the most successfully received whitepaper we have produced to date.  

Part of the reason for this, we believe is because we're talking about some truly cutting edge changes that are at the same time practical and very real for the customers we're working with.  The CatMan whitepaper, put together in collaboration with Mr. Gordon Wade, Director Emeritus of the CMA, is the tip of the iceberg of a whole series of work we're pulling together to help the industry think about an attribute driven CatMan2.0 process.

Following on from the white paper, we have also launched a Category Management Plan Example - Jones Grocery Series that aims to capture the practicalities of implementing an attribute driven CatMan2.0 process using the example of the ice cream category.  We're very excited about this series.


All Hands (note from CEO):

Every year we take the time to bring the entire Label Insight team together at either our Chicago or St. Louis office for our “All Hands” event. It’s been one of our favorite company traditions since we started doing it when we were a 10 or 20 person company. This October, I was proud to host my first All Hands event in St. Louis.   

The event takes a lot of work to organize and is a meaningful investment, but each time we do it I am reminded of why we work so hard towards our goals.  We have an amazing team of intelligent, conscientious and passionate professionals. Events like All Hands are a great opportunity for us to look up from our day-to-day tasks and to appreciate our colleagues and the impact of our work.

We generally try to keep the activities at all hands light, and this year was a great success with plenty of team building activities and the obligatory good food and drink. One of the team’s most popular All Hands traditions is a customer panel, where we invite customers and partners to share their perspective. This year we welcomed Purina, Naked Bacon, Cultivation Capital, and Conagra.

We will continue to invest in our team and I look forward to beginning the planning for next year’s event.


Ronak Sheth,

CEO Label Insight.


Our Values:

Recently, one of our co-founders, Dagan Xavier, had the opportunity to create the below video where he addressed among several topics, our values at Label Insight. Success for Label Insight is about having everyone aligned and moving in the same direction, as Dagan eloquently points out "the way we achieve this is by being mission driven and by being value based". Our Values:

  • Transparency: Our company promotes open and direct communication

  • Intellectual Honesty & Humility: Our company is evidence-based and acknowledges our limitations

  • Collaboration: Our company actively engages a diverse set of stakeholders

  • Accountability: Our company takes responsibility for how we affect our stakeholders’ success

  • Iteration & Innovation: Our company listens to feedback and adapts quickly

  • Quality-Driven: Our company strives to exceed expectations and drive excellence in our solutions


Food Safety and Nutrition (JIFSAN) symposium

This month we were lucky enough to be invited to participate and speak at the the annual Joint Institute for Food Safety and Nutrition (JIFSAN) symposium *"Harnessing Public, Private Partnerships to Improve Food Safety & Nutrition Outcomes,”* , as part of our contribution towards the USDA Branded Foods Database. A collection of distinguished guests from both the public and private sector presented rationales for P3s, discussed and debated the metrics that are critical to declaring success, and showed through multiple, real-world examples the challenges and opportunities inherent in such multisector investments.

Label Insight was able to to speak to our contributions towards and learnings from our partnership with the USDA, GS1, ILSI North America, 1WS and the University of Maryland with regards to how together, we have built the gold standard USDA Branded Foods Database. We shared several insights into our philosophy of data quality as it relates to data sharing techniques in the digital age, and the need for the evolution of data standards.


Our SME's at FNCE

What is FNCE?

The Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) is the annual conference put on by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, providing new evidence-based information for food and nutrition professionals around the world. The conference provides the opportunities for dietitians to obtain continuing education credits in order to maintain their registration and credentials through educational sessions and research poster presentations. In addition to the educational sessions, attendees can also visit the Expo hall, which features nearly 400 companies and organizations. These companies specialize in a variety of products and services including nutrition assessment tools, educational products, food service and management products, nutrition support products, food products, and much more. The Expo portion of FNCE allows dietitians to be aware of the newest food trends and products so they can provide the most up-to-date information to clients.


FNCE offers more than 150 educational sessions for food and nutrition experts to gain insight into new evidence-based research. This year, there were several sessions focusing on data, technology, and consumer trends that were particularly applicable to our roles as dietitians in the tech industry. Retailers, industry professionals, and dietitians presented their findings on consumer habits around grocery shopping and the ever-growing technology and ecommerce markets, including those with similar solutions to Label Insight.  We had the opportunity to hear from a data scientist on the vast capabilities of Google Trends and how to utilize it to capture new, innovative data sets in order to drive decision making and gain insights into consumer habits. There were also multiple sessions about using apps like SmartLabel and Foodkeeper, as well as wearable technology like Fitbits, to help clients analyze their food choices, dietary intake and exercise levels.



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