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John Veltri

By: John Veltri on June 9th, 2020

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Tap Into Unclaimed Trending Consumer Search Terms to Fuel E-Commerce Growth

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87% of food products fail to claim 1 of their 3 most searched attributes. By not claiming the qualifying attributes, such as gluten-free, non-GMO, keto, etc.,  beyond the label, brands and retailers are delivering a broken search experience, eroding consumer trust and failing to capitalize on millions of attribute-based shopping trips. Powering 99% of all consumer attribute-based keyword searches, our Explore Market Navigator solution helps brands improve the discoverability and e-commerce sales of existing products while providing the online consumer search data, competitive insights and top trending product attributes to launch new, on-trend products efficiently.

Identify Top E-commerce Trends

Explore Market Navigator is a flexible SaaS insights engine and keyword prospecting tool that joins detailed product attribution data with consumer search data to identify competitive opportunities by understanding what drives growth and deliver the tools to effectively fuel e-commerce expansion. The combination of consumer search data and Label Insight's comprehensive attribute database grants direct access to the top e-commerce trends in real time, pre-mapped to categories and stack-ranked by the most relevant and searched for attributes, enabling white space trend discovery against over 24,000 attributes per UPC.

Analyze, Compare and Optimize Products for Discoverability

Fueling side-by-side competitive packaging comparisons and thorough  product analysis, Explore Market Navigator empowers brands to discover additional areas for product optimization and drill into unique, unclaimed, derived attributes within their categories to meet the demands of today’s consumers and maximize opportunities for conversion. For example, Label Insight helped a leading snack brand boost conversion on Amazon by more than 10% by simply adding a product attribute previously unclaimed to its product title and description. In addition to product content enhancements, brands can leverage trending attribute insights for cross-functional strategy optimization, including packaging redesigns, product reformulations and advertising and SEO efforts. 


How does it work?

Using panel data from over 1.5 million opt-in shoppers, brands have the ability to automatically surface the top ranked attribute trends by time period, e-commerce category, and channel. Attribute trends are powered by keyword search data from Amazon with Walmart, Instacart, Target and more coming soon. Explore Market Navigator offers a user-friendly access point to the granular attribute data that a brand can use to explore and discover key market trends. Label Insight’s technology analyzes over 6 million marketing claims, over 400,000 distinct ingredients, and normalizes it all into attributes to analyze across categories.

Brands have the opportunity to leverage powerful built-in tools to get insight faster. They can easily export the data or leverage our enterprise APIs to combine best-in-class attribution data with their data lake, and analyze against market measurement data for further independent analysis to unlock hidden growth drivers. Attribute definitions with cited references are also available directly in the platform for qualification criteria and available to be exported into  a list of qualifying products to streamline your regulatory asks. 

Consumers are willing to pay for and purchase more of the products that suit their exact needs. Explore Market Navigator delivers the insight for brands to build long-term loyalty with consumers and accelerate e-commerce growth. If you are interested in learning more about how to elevate your e-commerce strategy or have questions about other Label Insight’s solutions, reach out to our Subject Matter Experts here.

About John Veltri

John leads Product Management for E-Commerce Insights at Label Insight. John has spent the last 8 years helping Brands & Retailers use insights and data to inform new product development, brand innovation, and e-commerce strategy. He’s passionate about empowering others to live healthier, happier lives, and has worked to bring technology products to market, helping brands like Purina, Conagra, Nielsen, IRI, and others use data to uncover trends and generate new revenue.