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Ronak Sheth

By: Ronak Sheth on January 23rd, 2015

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Speed to Insight: Enabling Transparency and Facilitating Collaboration

Some of the biggest demand for our capabilities here at Label Insight comes from the manufacturers side of the industry.  Many might think manufacturers actually make a point to omit product data from their products but in fact, there is a growing trend of transparency from this group.  “On-boarding,” or submitting product information to Label Insight allows manufacturers to keep their product data up-to-date and accessible to their entire teams, retailers and consumers and is one of the most fashionable actions in the industry today.

Manufacturers feel pressure to expose product data and view it as an opportunity to control the source.

For instance, one only has to spend 5 seconds in a grocery store’s boxed macaroni and cheese section to realize that there are ten, if not 20, brands and varieties to choose from.  How does a manufacturer differentiate their brand of macaroni and cheese from the competition?  How do they ensure that the consumer selects their brand?

Through collaboration, we help create more effective communication around product data.


Label Insight is intended to help manufacturers and retailers identify certain claims.  It helps manufacturers become more knowledgeable of their own products by showing them all of the unique attributes of their product once it is submitted to our platform.  More often than not, manufacturers may be surprised to find that their products qualify for certain attributes which they had no previous knowledge of, such as qualifying as Heart Healthy, Vegan or Gluten Free.

At Label Insight, we help these manufacturers analyze product data by allowing them to increase their capabilities of being transparent and promoting internal collaboration to create unique products that differentiate from their competitors.

In the next video segment I will be sharing some of the most interesting use cases we have found Label Insight to help solve – from Tax implications, Pet Food and Batteries.


About Ronak Sheth

Ronak Sheth is Label Insight's CEO, bringing 16-years of startup experience in software applications, consulting, technology, manufacturing, and sales to the role. He has leveraged his consulting and technology skills to drive strategic initiatives for global companies across various industries including consumer products, grocery retail, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, high-tech electronics, chemicals, oil, industrial, and legal.