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Stephen Poppe

By: Stephen Poppe on September 19th, 2017

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SmartLabel Gains Momentum in 2017 in Preparation for Consumer Awareness Campaign

SmartLabel™  |  Company Viewpoint

The adoption, traffic and engagement numbers for SmartLabel™  are all on the rise as the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) looks to grow and mature this popular transparency initiative. 

SmartLabel’s Growth Continues to Accelerate

Julie Savoie, Director of Industry Affairs at the GMA gave an update at the 2017 GMA Leadership Forum that as of September 2017, 14,000 products were within the SmartLabel system compared to only 2,000 a year earlier. Additionally, this upward trajectory is coupled with increasingly diversified participation evidenced by the fact that that “these products cover 410 brands (versus 70 a year ago) and 35 parent companies.”  Developed in 2014 as a partnership between the GMA and the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) alongside 90 member companies, the SmartLabel initiative is clearly playing a role in answering the call for consumers’ demand for increased product transparency. This growth curve is just be beginning as Savoie also estimates that 34,000 products will be SmartLabel enabled by late 2017 or early 2018, after which a substantial consumer awareness campaign will begin.

With this growth, there is increased demand for companies to respond to this initiative in an economically feasible way that meets the technical requirements of the GMA. Label Insight has been at the forefront of this initiative, providing a cost effective implementation model for SmartLabel. Label Insight has already helped more than 23 companies implement their SmartLabel pages and is currently responsible for nearly a quarter of the 14,000 live products on

Helping Companies Implement the Voluntary Attributes Consumers Seek

hellmans smartlabel.pngThe utilization of the voluntary attributes sections of SmartLabel landing pages was a big theme of the GMA Leadership Forum this year. As Savoie indicated “the (voluntary attributes) speak to the true intent of SmartLabel…(as) they give the customer more information.”

Label Insight empowers our customers to see their products through a whole new lens and selectively apply our 22,000 derived attributes to seamlessly populate the mandatory and voluntary sections allowable within SmartLabel based on their own internal strategies. Label Insight streamlines this process for our customers reducing friction from the implementation effort, with the help of the nutritionists and data scientists on staff who help write ingredient and claim descriptions and organize our taxonomies.

This type of expertise enables our customers to seamlessly respond to the marketplace with the type of information consumers are looking for without additional hassle. With a track record of cost effective implementations for some of the industry’s largest brands, a process for seamlessly extracting derived attribution and the SME’s to inform your approach, Label Insight is uniquely positioned to lead the industry's response to the continued growth of SmartLabel.

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