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Sairah Anwar

By: Sairah Anwar on November 12th, 2020

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Set Your Product Data Up For Success With Efficient And Effective Item Setup

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Content generation and optimization is now easier than ever with Label Insight Item Setup! Brands can leverage our latest solution to save time and effort in the current manual and time consuming item setup process, ensuring accurate and comprehensive product data for your retail customers. 

Why is accurate and comprehensive product data so important? 

E-Commerce sales continue to grow at unprecedented rates with consumers searching for and ordering more and more products online. 81% of these searches are organic and unbranded1 and almost 65% of shoppers adhere to a particular diet or health-related eating program2. These need-states influence the way consumers search for and discover products online, leading to millions of attribute-driven searches like “ketogenic snacks”, “chemical-free sunscreen”, and “high protein dog food”.

In addition, brands not only risk losing out on a conversion, without detailed and accurate product information, you will also jeopardize customer loyalty and trust:

  • 81% of consumers consider product transparency important or extremely important when determining which products to purchase while grocery shopping in-store or online.
  • 46% of shoppers would look at another product if they found themselves confused about ingredient information. 
  • 27% of shoppers would switch to another product altogether if they were confused by product information. 

Providing detailed product information during the item setup process with your retail customers is critical to ensure that consumers have access to this information on Product Detail Page content across channels. But this process remains manual, time-consuming, and difficult to manage on a recurring basis, leading to inaccurate and incomplete data sets across your key retail channels. Label Insight Item Setup provides you with high quality, comprehensive data in a more consolidated manner to launch products quickly and avoid costs from cart abandonment or lost customers.

How Does Item Setup Work?

Label Insight solves the challenges currently surrounding the item setup process. After you onboard images, Label Insight transforms and standardizes product data using a custom template that seamlessly matches your PIM’s requirements, allowing for faster and easier item setup.

We work with you to determine a comprehensive selection of attributes that meet requirements across retailers. Containing 100% of retailer requested attributes that directly increase product discoverability, our solution helps brands provide their syndication channels with the attributes that matter most, increasing product transparency and saving valuable time. Because our solution is platform agnostic, brands can directly integrate with Salsify or upload data to their selected PIM.

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Set Your Product Data up for Success

The Label Insight Item Setup solution allows you to setup and launch products more efficiently to match consumer demand for detailed product information and transparency. With our solution, you’ll experience:

  • Accurate and Comprehensive Product Data
    High data quality and completeness ensure products are discovered in retailer search algorithms. You can flexibly add additional attributes to optimize against new consumer trends and retailer requirements.
  • Reduced Time to Market
    Launch products to market quickly and efficiently with all on-pack and attribute data matching consumer needs in one consolidated delivery.
  • Increased Conversion and Revenue Opportunities
    You’ll uncover increased revenue opportunities with product data that matches consumer searches related to diet, lifestyle, and health.

If you are interested in learning more about how to save time and effort with your Item Setup process or have questions about other Label Insight’s solutions, reach out to our Subject Matter Experts here.

About Sairah Anwar

Sairah is an experienced Product Leader driving CPG Content Solutions at Label Insight. Sairah and team are responsible for providing CPGs with a seamless experience in managing, enriching, and integrating content for SmartLabel, brand websites, and Product Information Management (PIM), including setting up content for retail distribution. Sairah is dedicated to ideating features that have a strong business value and bring delight to users.