Satisfy Consumer Demand for Transparency Digitally with SmartLabel

Posted by Kira Karapetian on September 28, 2016

Welcome to the 4th and final post in of our Transparency ROI blog series, where we’re breaking down our TROI  study piece-by-piece.

So far in the series, we’ve learned how transparency leads to increased brand loyalty and perceived brand worth, how millennial moms are leading the charge for product transparency, and why product transparency means going beyond the label.

Today, we’ll take a look at the way brands can satisfy consumer demand for transparency.

Learning 4: Satisfy consumer demand for transparency digitally with SmartLabel

A key takeaway from last week’s post is that transparency is more than just a list of required ingredients on a label. Consumers want to know everything, from sourcing information to how ingredients within the product were handled, in order to determine what products fit their ethics, beliefs and lifestyle.

Consumers will go to great lengths to obtain that information, from analyzing the ingredients on the label, to searching on third-party websites to contacting the brand to request more information.  

This creates an opportunity for product manufacturers to proactively offer the information that consumers want upfront, by taking steps to provide a single, unified version of the correct information across a variety of channels. The brands that offer this information voluntarily put themselves in a position to own the content consumers find when they search for their products and ultimately generate a higher level of trust.

Brands can satisfy demand for transparency digitally

The full breadth of information consumers are seeking out would be impossible to fit within the limited real estate of most packaging. The good news is that most consumers (88%) say they would be interested in accessing a complete set of product information digitally.

SmartLabel technology in demand; creating trust for brands

Survey respondents were asked about SmartLabel - the industry’s leading transparency initiative - specifically, which enables consumers to find additional details about products online by activating a product package with a mobile device or visiting a product website. 79% of consumers say they are very likely or somewhat likely to use SmartLabel technology if a brand offered it, and 44% say they would trust a brand more if it participated in the SmartLabel initiative. 

SmartLabel and Trust

When demographics are broken down more granularly, marketers most wanted demographic - millennial moms - are demanding SmartLabel even more than the general popular. 88% of millennial moms say they are likely to use SmartLabel technology.

SmartLabel is one of the most effective channels through which a brand can convey that information and reach this powerful demographic of shoppers and beyond.

In short, offering consumers the information they seek through digital channels like SmartLabel presents an opportunity for brands to gain increased brand loyalty, market share, perceived brand worth and drive long term value between consumers and brands.

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Label Insight helps brands transform their product information into a data driven brand touchpoint, and our SmartLabel solution makes capturing the Transparency ROI of your brand’s data simple, efficient, and scalable. That’s why we’re the market leader, delivering over 85% of live SmartLabel pages today, and powering over 2,000 brand pages across Unilever’s portfolio.

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