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Sairah Anwar

By: Sairah Anwar on March 19th, 2019

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Product Update: Onboarding

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What’s new in Label Insight onboarding?

We've been working hard to improve our already best in class Onboarding platform that powers our Retail Health and Wellness Data solution. Our onboarding platform is an integral part of our solution for retailers and their Health and Wellness product data. We work closely with retailers to ensure that we engage and onboard product data for all of their suppliers. To date, our success rate is approximately 90%, meaning that on average with our retail partners, we manage to get 90% or more of their products onboarded. An accurate and up-to-date representation of a retailers assortments is critical to the success of an effective data driven health and wellness program.

Below you can find some of the new features and challenges we've been working on recently to improve the process.

Requested Products

Requested products can now be viewed in the Onboarding portal! On the Requested Products page, you can view a list of all the UPCs that your retailer has requested you on-board with Label Insight. Once you submit images for the requested UPCs, Label Insight will work its magic in assigning high-order attributes to your product. Your retailer will use this data to power e-commerce and Health and Wellness Programs to enhance the consumer shopping experience. 


You can now export your list of products in the tabs “Product with Issues” and “Submitted Images”. If you’re a SmartLabel customer, this will include the unique IDs you submitted with your products. Exports are emailed to your inbox, where you can download the CSV.

Retail views for small manufacturers?

At the same time, seeing as we work to engage a wide range of CPG brands (suppliers) to on-board their product data images for each retailer, we are also testing a new product "Retail Views for Small Brands".  We already have an enterprise solution for Retail Views where the core value proposition is to help enterprise brands to gain visibility and control over how their products are represented across different retail health and wellness programs. We are, therefore, testing to see if there is a similar demand by smaller brands for the same solution. 

If you're interested in talking to us about this opportunity and you have fewer than 100 products, then please feel free to join our product review sessions by reaching out here.


About Sairah Anwar

Sairah is an experienced Product Manager and owns the Onboarding Platform at Label Insight. Sairah and team are responsible for the frictionless onboarding of hundreds of thousands of product images by thousands and thousands of CPG brands of all sizes. Sairah loves building great digital products – especially ones that support educators/students or small businesses. And as a product professional, she is dedicated to ideating features that have a strong business value and bring delight to users. Sairah cares about user input and data – a lot and she also believes that a great product person focuses on the user need to empower her team to innovate.