Label Insight Closes $21 Million in Series C Round of Venture Capital Funding

Posted by Press on December 19, 2017

Label Insight, the market leader for product transparency, today announced it has raised $21 million in a Series C funding round led by Delta-v Capital alongside River Cities Capital Funds. These funds will support the company's mission to help consumers understand what's in the products they use and consume. David Schaller, Managing Partner at Delta-v, will join the Label Insight board of directors.

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Label Insight and 1WorldSync Announce Partnership to Create Industry's Most Comprehensive Data and Content Solution

Posted by Kira Karapetian on December 14, 2017

Label Insight, the market leader for transparency, and 1WorldSync, the leading provider of product content solutions, today announced a strategic partnership that will create industry's most comprehensive solution for product data distribution and transparency. 

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DataBite: We All Scream for (Healthy) Ice Cream

Posted by Kira Karapetian on December 13, 2017

December 13th is National Ice Cream Day, so what better time to dig into one of our favorite treats? Though ice cream is typically thought of as a guilty pleasure, it turns out today’s ice cream brands might just be healthier than you think. With the rising popularity of trendy ice cream brands like Halo Top, Enlightened and Vixen Kitchen, we’re seeing greater focus on including “better for you” ingredients.

Image via Enlightened's Official Facebook Page

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Cold and Flu Season is here! Fight Off Symptoms With Your Shopping Basket

Posted by Kira Karapetian on December 5, 2017

Cold and flu season has arrived and soon you’ll likely find yourself strolling down the medicine aisle at your local supermarket. But solutions to those common viruses and their pesky symptoms can actually be found throughout the store. A number of widely known food ingredients are proven to be effective at preventing and treating colds and flu.

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How Data Science Gives Label Insight a Competitive Edge

Posted by Sandra Hendren on November 16, 2017

Data science is fast becoming a core enabler of business innovation and competition. Given its notability , you would think that the successful use of data science within companies would be on the rise, but a report from MIT says no. Surprisingly, the percentage of companies claiming competitive advantage from their data science initiatives dropped from a high of almost 70% in 2012 to about 50% in 2016.  What’s going on?

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Highlights From the First Ever TransparencyIQ Conference

Posted by Stephanie Casstevens on October 19, 2017

TransparencyIQ, the breakthrough event focused on the impact of transparency and best practices, took place October 18th and 19th in Chicago, Illinois. After a hearty breakfast, Label Insight's CMO, Patrick Moorhead, took the attendees through an interactive quiz to test their TransparencyIQ. Attendees answered open-ended questions about their transparency journey as well as quiz questions about transparency and consumer expectations. 

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Label Insight Unveils High Order Attribute Data Class With More Than 22,000 Unique Custom Attributes Per Product

Posted by Press on October 17, 2017

CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Label Insight, the market leader for product transparency, today introduced PRISM, a revolutionary data science technology for the creation of high order attributes. High order attributes allow brands and retailers to gain deeper insights into their product set and inventory. Like a prism, Label Insight technology transforms the "white light" of product information contained on the physical packaging of food, pet and personal care products into an infinite spectrum of deep and complete attribute data. Ingredients, nutrients, and marketing claims are analyzed and enriched with more than 22,000 custom attributes such as ingredient definitions, micro and macronutrient content, sustainability practices and specialty diet eligibility.

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Meet the Team: Jacob Childerson, Director of Strategic Partnerships

Posted by Kira Karapetian on October 9, 2017

Welcome to "Meet the Team", a monthly series that introduces you to the great talent and leadership at Label Insight. This month we’re excited to introduce our Director of Strategic Partnerships, Jacob Childerson.

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SmartLabel Gains Momentum in 2017 in Preparation for Consumer Awareness Campaign

Posted by Stephen Poppe on September 19, 2017

The adoption, traffic and engagement numbers for SmartLabel™  are all on the rise as the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) looks to grow and mature this popular transparency initiative. 

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Using Data Science, Raley's Gains Competitive Advantage Through Transparency

Posted by John Veltri on September 12, 2017

The stakes for transparency as they relate to food and beverage products are higher today than ever. According to Nielsen, 59% shoppers find it difficult to understand nutrition facts on food packaging [1], and the ability to recognize ingredients is the most influential factor for them to sway a purchase decision on these types of products [2]. Take these consumer demands for transparency and combine them with the ultra-competitive grocery retail industry that continues to consolidate, most recently with the AMZN-WFM deal, and it becomes more apparent that traditional grocery needs to provide a reason beyond price to gain and maintain shopper loyalty.

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