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Curated News from the week 9

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A lot of news came across our shared news channel this week.  And so we've curated some of the items we found most interesting below.  To start with there were two pieces of Amazon news that were intriguing. One was a re-statement of the announcement to close the Whole Foods small format stores, and the other was Amazon's launch of their own private label milk products.  

Aside from that there's some continued news around challenges large brands are facing due to the disruption taking place due to transparency as well as an interesting announcement from Target about how they will offer up an online marketplace for suppliers to sell their products - interesting news considering Kroger and Microsoft's announcement last week about their foray in to Retail as a Service (RAAS).


Hope you all have an excellent week.  enjoy.


Whole Foods to re-brand existing 365 stores - 

Amazon owned-Whole Foods has announced plans to re-brand all existing Whole Foods 365 stores as regular Whole Foods stores before the end of the year.  Whole Foods will discontinue its 365 small-format stores. Since Amazon took over the banner in 2017, nine 365 stores have opened and enthusiasm for the format has waned. Some stores that were intended to open as 365 locations have opened as standard Whole Foods stores instead, Yahoo reported.

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Marketing Daily: Do Consumers Care About Food Waste? New Retail App Will Find Out - 

While mainstream American shoppers have grown increasingly warm to organic foods, "ugly" produce and more sustainable packaging, food waste is less on their radar.

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Kraft, Oscar Mayer Brands Take A Massive Hit As Tastes Shift -

The Kraft and Oscar Mayer brands are worth a lot less — as much as $15.4 billion less than they had been.  Big name brands have been under pressure to cut costs as consumer tastes have been changing. Many are turning to cheaper store brands or are doing their shopping online.

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Proprietary blends still prevalent in pre-workout products, but consumer demand for transparency is increasing - 

Almost 60% of all multi-ingredient pre-workout supplements use proprietary blends of ingredients, says a new survey of top selling products. But the times are changing and transparency is on the up for the category, according to experts.

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Amazon launches private label milk -


Amazon has added private label dairy and beverage offerings to its grocery lineup, according to TJI Research. The retailer has introduced new dairy products, including a variety of milks, under its Happy Belly brand and a new coconut water product under its Solimo brand. The Happy Belly brand milk and dairy products are the first non-Whole Foods private label milk and dairy offering from Amazon, according to TJI. Products include lactose-free milk in whole, low-fat, reduced-fat and fat-free varieties.

(curated by @nicolemeyerson)

Target launches an online marketplace -

Target Corp. on Monday launched Target +, an online marketplace that enables third-party merchants to sell on

Target + will broaden’s assortment in some key categories, such as home furnishings, toys, electronics and sporting goods, the company says. For example, Target will now offer a wider range of running shoes, new musical instruments and baseball gear for all skill levels because of its marketplace merchants.

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Walmart unveils plan to reduce plastic packaging waste -

Walmart is partnering with its private labels on a number of initiatives, including achieving 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging for private brands by 2025; using 20% post-consumer recycled content in private brand packaging by 2025; labeling all food and consumable private brand packaging with the How2Recycle label by 2022; eliminating the non-recyclable packaging material PVC in general merchandise packaging by 2020 and decreasing private brand plastic packaging.

(curated by @nicolemeyerson)