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Curated News from the week 18

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We start this week with an interesting article that points to how search can directly influence how products are conceived (and category management).  Yet another example of how we need to look to how changing consumer behavior will disrupt the industry.


Following that, we include some articles about changes in the retailer space, and then we finish with some self promotion with an announcement of our product development with Topco, and how we're hoping to move the industry forward. 


As always, we hope this helps you kick start your week.  


The Amazon algorithm spawned a skin care line called Belei - 

A moisturizer isn’t just a moisturizer anymore. People have become a lot savvier, thanks to forums like Reddit’s /r/SkincareAddiction and Instagram, and robust media coverage of the intricacies of skin care. Affordable brands like Deciem’s the Ordinary have helped democratize skin care and increase ingredient awareness. As a result, shoppers are looking for hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamin C, and peptides now — they expect brands to talk to them about ingredients. Product descriptions often include these keywords and tout the benefits.

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KIND - Sweeteners Uncovered -

Sweeteners aren’t just in desserts anymore – they’re everywhere – even in categories we might think of as healthy. KIND created the following snacking index so people can be more informed about what they’re eating. It showcases the total sugar content of popular snacks, the multitude of different sweeteners, and sources of hidden sugar.

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Meet Target’s New Essentials Brand Everspring: Down-To-Earth Solutions That Are Up to Earth’s Standards  -

Spring cleaning just met its match in Everspring, Target’s new household essentials owned brand designed with sustainability in mind. Everspring features more than 70 items that include biobased or recycled materials or natural fibers—everything from laundry detergent, dish soap and paper towels to essential oils, candles and hand soap in amazing scents. The brand arrives in time for Earth Day (April 22!), with new products continuing to roll out throughout the year. 

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Coming to store shelves: Embedded cameras that guess your age and sex - 

Walgreens and Kroger are two of the retailers testing embedded cameras that could be used to guess shoppers' age, gender or mood in order to show targeted real-time ads.


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What Grocery Store Obsession Says About Us -

It’s not like sports fandom makes much sense. If you’ve seen Baseketball (yes that’s a reference I’m making in 2019), Matt Stone and Trey Parker make a point of how ridiculous it is to root for a “hometown” team made up of people from across the world who can be traded at any moment, who are not inherently better just because they represent Indianapolis or Santa Fe or **ducks** Philly. Fandom, no matter where it’s directed, is a little weird, a little more about the person experiencing it than the thing they’re obsessing about. So what does it say when people stan their local grocery stores?

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Topco, Label Insight to Help Member Retailers Customize Transparency -

Topco Associates LLC is working with Label Insight to provide customized tools to help its 49 member-owners boost transparency in their stores.

An expansion of the companies’ year-old partnership, the new program will allow store shoppers to search and filter on e-commerce and product search programs using both standard and custom product attributes that are selected by individual retailers based on their customers’ needs.

For example, a retailer wishing to promote humanely sourced products can add a custom attribute function identifying products as animal welfare and wildlife conscious, or can create a tool to highlight products that are non-GMO or gluten-free.

(curated by @nicolemeyerson