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By: Label Insight Team on February 4th, 2019

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Curated News from the week

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Each week at Label Insight several articles are curated from around the internet and shared on our internal communications channel with the aim of keeping us all up to date.  This channel has grown organically, and is now a valuable resource for the company.  We're reproducing the most "liked" articles here for wider consumption. 


Brands Invent New Lines for Only Amazon to Sell - is asking consumer-goods companies to create brands exclusively for it after finding that it is too costly and time-consuming to develop them on its own.

(curated by @daveaniol)


Unilever to Allow Consumers to View Fragrance Ingredients -

Unilever partnered with Label Insight to allow consumers to view fragrance ingredients found in more than 1,100 Unilever beauty and personal care products across 15 brands down to 0.01% of the product formula, according to a press release

(curated by @labelinsightmarketing)


Product attributes become the key to unlocking sales growth in 2019 - 

This year more grocery shoppers than ever will be searching online to find products that better fit their needs. How well grocers do two things – 1) leverage new product attributes, and 2) understand and analyze what shoppers are searching for

(curated by @davebyman)


Problem Solving is 'Full of Massive Innovation,' Says Label Insight Co-founder -

Dagan Xavier, Co-founder and SCP of Data and Nutrition Sciences at Label Insight, recently talked about how the company started and how the company continues to innovate.

(curated by @labelinsightmarketing)


Trader Joe's is killing its grocery delivery program even as Walmart, Whole Foods, and Kroger spend billion to win the online grocery wars. - 

“Instead of passing along unsustainable cost increases to our customers, removing delivery will allow us to continue offering outstanding values,” a Trader Joe’s representative told Business Insider.

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Jyve takes aim at instacart with $35million in new funding -

Jyve, a firm that connects manufacturers and retailers with workers willing to perform in-store tasks like running demos, has come out of stealth mode and announced $35 million in new funding.

(curated by @joebookcentre)


Giant Foods launches GIANT DIRECT -

GIANT Food Stores recently announced a new addition to the GIANT family of brands, GIANT DIRECT, Powered by Peapod. The new brand will debut in the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, with its e-commerce hub at 235 North Reservoir Street, on Tuesday, February 12.

(curated by @brookebright)


Which Allergens are in your food?  You can't always tell from labels -

Although federal law requires manufacturers to include allergen warnings on prepackaged foods, it’s not always clear which products contain allergens and which do not. The regulation doesn’t cover all types of foods, nor instances in which trace amounts of allergens may be present.

(curated by @danielhawks)


Consumer struggle to shop for healthy food, survey says

A new study found only 28% of Americans find nutritional information easy to find, showing the industry may need to find a better labeling solution.

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