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Thea Bourianne

By: Thea Bourianne on July 28th, 2020

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Navigate the Lasting Impacts of COVID-19 to Boost Product Discoverability and Consumer Trust

As COVID-19 cases rise again, it’s clear there will be a lasting impact on the way consumers grocery shop online. According to a survey through IRi, 35% of consumers are proactively taking care of their physical and emotional health more now versus before COVID-19. For CPG brands and retailers, there is an immense opportunity to capitalize on the demands of these consumers and provide product transparency, not only increasing e-commerce product discoverability and revenue, but also encouraging customer loyalty and trust in a time of uncertainty. 

Label Insight Helps to Identify High Growth Categories

Throughout COVID-19, consumers are not only seeking online grocery options, but also making more informed purchasing decisions related to their overall health and wellbeing whether that means maintaining a new diet, boosting their immune system, or monitoring allergen and intolerance information. Label Insight, in partnership with IRi, has witnessed extreme growth in specific COVID-19 affected categories. 

According to the CDC, while many people experience mild symptoms, 89% of people with COVID-19 who were sick enough to be hospitalized, apart from age, had one of these chronic conditions: High Blood Pressure, Obesity, or Diabetes. We’ve seen people take charge of their health and put serious effort behind managing these disease states. This is evidenced by the fact that products lower in fat, sodium, and sugar are seeing growth in addition to the following:

  • Diabetes support products grew 9x
  • Obesity support grew 11x
  • Hypertension support experienced 22% of all of 2019 dollar sales in just 8 weeks

Products directly related to immune health are also experiencing massive growth during COVID-19. Of course, we’ve all heard that Vitamin C is critical to immune health, but recently, reports have stated that Vitamin D may also play a significant role in immune function especially for respiratory viruses like COVID-19. Label Insight data has also uncovered significant growth in products containing both of these vitamins:

  • For products containing Vitamin C, Label Insight saw 20% of total 2019 dollar sales in just 8 weeks of 2020. Even more interesting, these products were previously experiencing downward sales from previous years
  • Products containing Vitamin D grew 11x more within the same period compared to 2019

Optimize for Discoverability

Aside from physical wellness, people are also paying close attention to their mental health. In the era of COVID-19, people are experiencing elevated stress and anxiety, both of which deeply affect immune health. We’ve recognized that on-package claims for anxiety-related support are very uncommon with only 26 products out of Label Insight’s database of over 400,000 food and beverage products currently claiming it. Products making this claim are experiencing 240x growth, making this a huge opportunity for brands and retailers to optimize their product content to include timely, lesser-known attributes consumers are actively searching for. While only 26 products currently make this claim, Label Insight data shows thousands of products qualify for this claim, but aren’t leveraging it. This is something that can simply be added to e-commerce product detail pages, product titles, or hidden keywords to help your products show up in relevant search results. 

Build Consumer Trust

For consumers searching for products online, the challenge continues to be finding products that suit their needs. Unpredictable availability of options, out-of-stock situations and inappropriate substitutions are leaving consumers dissatisfied. According to a survey through IRi, 62% of faced product unavailability. When facing out-of-stock product options or inaccurate search results, 34% of consumers went elsewhere and 50% did not even buy the original desired item, meaning brands and retailers are not only missing out on easy sales, but are also failing to provide accurate search results to encourage conversion.

Whether consumers are shopping to avoid the “Quarantine 15” or looking to avoid serious allergens, brands and retailers have a responsibility to provide the right product information, at the right time. Label Insight’s technology delivers this product information, on-pack and beyond the label, for brands to enhance product transparency and accelerate e-commerce growth. This data empowers consumers to make the most knowledgeable purchase decisions and helps promote increased conversion and loyalty.

If you are interested in learning more about how to navigate the changing COVID-19 environment or have questions about additional insights Label Insight can provide, reach out to our Subject Matter Experts here.

About Thea Bourianne

Thea Bourianne, MBA, RD, LDN is a licensed and registered dietitian based in Chicago. Specializing in nutrition, US and international food regulation, and food composition makes her uniquely positioned to work strategically with global CPG and retail clients to build data-driven, customer-centric solutions. In her current role at Label Insight, a SaaS company that provides insights on food label data, Bourianne supports retailers, CPG brands, US government, technology companies, researchers, and other entities by crafting and applying high order attribution to products in-store and online. Bourianne is passionate about safe, transparent, sustainable, wholesome products and strides for best-in-class customer experiences to make the healthy choice the easy choice. Prior to working at Label Insight, Bourianne’s previous positions have included product development, commercialization, fresh and frozen food manufacturing, and regulatory affairs with companies and clients such as Taco Bell Corp., Wilton Brands, Starbucks, Ahold, Walgreens and 7-Eleven, among others.