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Katie LeGrand

By: Katie LeGrand on February 7th, 2017

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L’Oreal Canada and Label Insight Launch First Dual-Language SmartLabel Pages


We are thrilled to announce our flagship venture into international transparency with the launch of the first SmartLabel pages in Canada this week.

Our partnership with L’Oreal Garnier Haircare has enabled this expansion of the brand’s commitment to SmartLabel into the Canadian market, and we are proud to see these pages come to life. Product packaging will direct consumers via QR code to the dual-language SmartLabel pages, ultimately aiding to answer demands of transparency-driven consumers.

SmartLabel Dual Languages.png

This launch brings about many firsts for both the SmartLabel initiative and Label Insight.

L’Oreal Canada is the first product to launch a SmartLabel page in Canada, and the first launched outside the United States - a first big step in bringing product transparency to Canada. This launch also includes product packaging that will direct consumers to these SmartLabel pages via QR code - the first specifically designed to do so in Canada. It’s also the first ever launch of a dual-language SmartLabel page, serving up either English or French language pages based on user preferences.

two languages.png

The Label Insight team has been working closely with the Garnier Canada team in addition to the Food and Consumer Products of Canada (FCPC) who will be leading the initiative much like the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) is in the US.

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