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Dagan Xavier

By: Dagan Xavier on April 6th, 2021

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Leverage Label Insight to Innovate and Stay Ahead of the Market

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With grocery e-commerce sales hitting over $9B in January 2021, retailers and brands have a huge opportunity to leverage deeper data insight and functionality to stay ahead of consumer expectations when shopping online. Label Insight helps to bridge this gap and unlock new areas for differentiation, product innovation and market activation based on trending consumer preferences such as “sustainably sourced”, “no sesame”, “low sugar”, “cruelty free”, and more.

Consumer demand is evolving rapidly. Label Insight helps to drive new growth for brands by providing unique insight on top, emerging trends. Adapting to the challenges our customers are facing, we’ve created new ways to accelerate speed to insight, improve product data management, and significantly increase the impact of our data on growth. Our Q1 Release details the following innovation:

Innovation for Retailers

  • Improved product data flexibility to accommodate retailer data schemas:
  • Health and wellness icon and Nutrition Facts Panel widgets that automatically populate product pages with turnkey health and wellness iconography and digitally rendered, fully-regulatory compliant nutrition facts panels to improve e-commerce discoverability and shopper experience.
  • Format agnostic private label data ingestion that enables retailers to improve private label product data currency and fidelity to drive efficiencies, reduce costs and gain parity with national brands.
  • Extension of health and wellness attribution to fresh produce and in-store prepared items that provides retailers the ability to expand their health and wellness programs to capture the loyalty of a rapidly expanding consumer segment.

Innovation for CPG Brands

  • Portfolio-level e-commerce keyword optimization to identify emerging consumer search trends and optimize product content:
  • Automated item set-up with integrated consumer search word trend analysis:
  • Centralized product attribute metadata management that allows brand and regulatory teams to collaborate in the process of product data keyword optimization to mitigate risks while driving improved e-commerce discoverability and conversion.
  • Quick Response (QR) code solution for SmartLabel™ that enables brands to manage the end-to-end SmartLabel™ process from package to digital experience all in one place.
  • Bidirectional integration with leading Product Information Management providers to dramatically improve the ability to create new product data, enrich existing product data and enhance overall business intelligence to propel e-commerce sales. Read more about Label Insight's new partnership with Salsify.

Interested in learning more about how this new feature functionality will benefit your business? Reach out to our Subject Matter Experts or read our full Q1 Release here.