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Ronak Sheth

By: Ronak Sheth on July 23rd, 2018

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Label Insight's Next Phase

Label Insight News

Over the past several years, Label Insight has emerged as the industry’s leading technology company for product intelligence, driven by our innovative approach to product attribute data and proven by our rapid growth in market share, staff, and revenue. As we continue to evolve our business and innovate our solutions, I’m excited to lead the company into our next phase as CEO of Label Insight.

I would like to thank Paul Schaut for leading Label Insight through the last couple of exciting years. Paul has played a critical and invaluable role in our business, and we wish him all the best as he leaves to pursue his other personal and professional interests.

I’ve never been more excited about Label Insight's future. I’ve had my hands on almost every aspect of the business, from helping secure some of our largest customer relationships, to writing pieces of the original source code for the data engine that makes our company so special. I’ve also watched as the company has become both a high growth success story, and also a team that feels like a family even while it continues to grow.  Both of those things are due to our mission, which is unchanged from the very beginning. Label Insight was founded with the mission of helping consumers understand what’s in the products they use and consume, and the world class team we’ve built comes to work every day to make that mission a reality.

As we look toward the horizon and this next chapter in our company’s growth, I’m excited to refine our strategy and continue our focus on becoming a world class technology organization with products designed to accelerate the industry’s ability to transform people’s relationship with their stores, brands, and services; and ultimately to deliver on our original mission of helping people know more about the products we put in and on our bodies.

I’m honored for the opportunity to lead this company, and I can’t wait to get back to work!

About Ronak Sheth

Ronak Sheth is Label Insight's CEO, bringing 16-years of startup experience in software applications, consulting, technology, manufacturing, and sales to the role. He has leveraged his consulting and technology skills to drive strategic initiatives for global companies across various industries including consumer products, grocery retail, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, high-tech electronics, chemicals, oil, industrial, and legal.