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By: Press on October 17th, 2017

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Label Insight Unveils High Order Attribute Data Class With More Than 22,000 Unique Custom Attributes Per Product

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CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Label Insight, the market leader for product transparency, today introduced PRISM, a revolutionary data science technology for the creation of high order attributes. High order attributes allow brands and retailers to gain deeper insights into their product set and inventory. Like a prism, Label Insight technology transforms the "white light" of product information contained on the physical packaging of food, pet and personal care products into an infinite spectrum of deep and complete attribute data. Ingredients, nutrients, and marketing claims are analyzed and enriched with more than 22,000 custom attributes such as ingredient definitions, micro and macronutrient content, sustainability practices and specialty diet eligibility. 

"We're taking the lead in providing the most granular and complete spectrum of product and ingredient information," said Paul Schaut, chief executive officer for Label Insight. "High order attribute data is a must-have for brands and retailers who want to meet consumer demand for increased transparency. No other data provider has more attributes about more products than Label Insight."

High order attribute data goes beyond the limited insights from conventional systems and supply chain data. Conventional attribute data captures what is physically present on the product packaging such as marketing claims, brand name, Nutrition Facts Panel, and ingredient listing. Supply chain data contains product attributes like package weight, height, depth and shipping and logistics information. While each data class serves a unique purpose in the industry, conventional data provides minimal value to the consumer searching for detailed product information to determine if a product fits their dietary needs, ethics and lifestyle.

In contrast, high order attribute data is an enhanced, more detailed version of conventional attributes, specifically designed to meet the increasing consumer demand for better information and transparency. High order attributes provide context such as ingredient definitions, properties of ingredients, country of origin, farming practices and the specific diet programs a food qualifies for. Furthermore, Label Insight PRISM allows manufacturers to submit their product packaging once, and continue to respond to new diets, trends or regulatory needs in real time with current and accurate data.

Label Insight PRISM, and the high order attribute data it creates, is available now to power transparency initiatives, support retailer wellness programs and unlock competitive purchase trends and opportunities.

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