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By: Press on June 5th, 2019

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Label Insight powers Conagra Brands' SmartLabel innovation

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Conagra Brands is transforming the way it operates to fulfill what consumers want in a smart, simple way. With approximately 17,000 employees and $11 billion in annual revenue, Conagra Brands is modernizing its iconic food brands, leveraging fresh opportunities and adapting to a changing landscape.

In the spring of 2016, Conagra experienced greater demand for increased product attribution. This demand was coming from three different needs for the company.

healthy choice 2Responding to the Consumer’s Demand For Transparency

Over the past five years, consumers’ expectations have increased about what information is available to them. They are looking for more insights about the products they use and consume, far beyond the basic nutrition facts panel and standard ingredient list. Now shoppers are looking for diet compliance, allergen information, sustainability efforts — just to name a few. Conagra needed to augment their logistic and supply chain-oriented data to share more product information in a consumer-friendly way.

Complying With New Labeling Mandates

In the summer of 2016, new bioengineered food disclosure legislation mandated that food containing bioengineered ingredients be labeled on-pack. Conagra began the application of QR codes on packaging to ensure all disclosure options would be available for disclosure.

Capitalizing on The Rise of Grocery E-commerce

Finally, retailers were experiencing a rise in grocery e-commerce, with the early success of Instacart and Whole Foods leading others to follow suit. Conagra was tasked with developing content and providing more digital data to support retailers in these efforts.

“If I have a package in my left hand, and a phone in my right...and they both tell me the same thing, then what is the point? We quickly decided that to make the most of SmartLabel capabilities, we would need to add content that isn’t on the label.”

– Amy McCarthy, Manager, Product Lifecycle Management, Conagra


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