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Brooke Bright

By: Brooke Bright on February 11th, 2021

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Is your Product Assortment Optimized for the Digital Shelf?

With 200 million consumers adhering to a particular diet or health related eating program, and nearly as many indicating that a food allergy or intolerance affects the way they shop, need-state shopping is big business.

Consumers are seeking out a vast array of attributes, ketogenic, gluten- free, low sodium, paraben-free, sustainable, no artificial ingredients, Whole30, paleo, nutrient dense, minimally processed, whole grain. The list goes on and on and on. And they're finding a depleted digital shelf with very few or irrelevant search results. 

This broken experience not only discredits the retailer or manufacturer in the eyes of the consumer, which might cause them to seek out other channels or try new brands, it’s also an enormously missed opportunity to capture the loyalty and spend of consumers willing to pay more and buy more of the products that meet their individualized needs and wants.

Seeking to understand how widespread this issue was for retailers, we completed an audit of existing advanced filter options, or faceted search, for 30 popular e-commerce sites, ranging from superstores to health and beauty to pet retailers to help answer the following questions:

  • How many need states and preferences are retailers supporting today?
  • Are retailers catering to the most popular need-states and wants?
  • How well do retailers support consumer preferences and how can this improve?

Retailers are Failing to Return 92% of Qualifying Products

This video clip from our Stocking Your Empty Aisles webinar showcases our findings and just how broken the consumer experience actually is. 

Diving deeper into the data, we wanted to see if retailers returned more results for the top 25 most prevalent advanced filters: 

Today, the label is not enough to meet the needs of consumers. There's insufficient space and information to answer all the product questions consumers have. Our technology automates up to 24,000 attributes for a single UPC. And a significant proportion of those attributes are product details, otherwise hidden beneath complex scientific information on-pack. This data is not explicitly stated on the label and is crucial to meeting the demands of consumers. 

Consumers have an endlessly growing and constantly changing list of questions surrounding products they use and consume, and Label Insight helps to provide the answers. Our new partnership with Salsify makes it even easier for retailers and brands to leverage complete, accurate and up-to-date product information in their systems to help deliver on the digital shelf.

If you are interested in a full site audit to see how you compare, please reach out to our Subject Matter Experts or your account representative. The full Stocking Your Empty Aisles webinar containing additional insight is also available here

About Brooke Bright

Brooke is the director of retail product management at Label Insight. Brooke and team build turnkey solutions to empower retailers with critical data to increase digital discovery, improve e-commerce site user experience, develop differentiated wellness programs, and foster shopper trust through increased product transparency. By providing retailers access to this key set of data and insights, retailers can make data-driven decisions across their organization and continue to increase revenue and shopper loyalty. Brooke is passionate about data, business strategy, and product vision. She likes to spend time in-market with our customers learning more about their unique set of challenges and goals and enjoys leveraging this knowledge to continue building hyper-relevant and valuable products.