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Brooke Bright

By: Brooke Bright on May 26th, 2020

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Increase Discoverability and Convert More Customers by Optimizing your Product Content

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Approximately 1 out of 5 products online fail to include critical information including nutrients, ingredients, and warnings according to a recent audit of grocery e-commerce sites. By not delivering this information, retailers are providing a broken experience for consumers searching for products based on their needs and missing out on potential sales. In primary research Label Insight conducted with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) last year, 44% of shoppers said a food allergy, sensitivity, or intolerance affects the way they shop, and 49% adhere to a diet or health-related eating program. In a refreshed study to be published later this month, we’ve seen those figures continue to grow as high as 55% and 65% respectively. Now, more than ever, consumers are craving clarity and detailed product information to fulfill their diverse preferences when grocery shopping online.

Deliver the Product Information Consumers Crave 

Since consumers are unable to visually survey the entire shelf or physically hold a product online, retailers and brands have an immense opportunity to increase product discoverability by optimizing their product content to capitalize on the varied needs and wants of the consumer. 

Product detail pages should highlight not only critical regulatory information such as ingredients, nutrients, and warnings, but also present essential attribute information such as organic, non-GMO, ketogenic, high protein, low sodium, and more. 

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By failing to populate the appropriate product information, retailers run the risk of losing a conversion and the opportunity to build customer loyalty and trust. For example, if a consumer is gluten intolerant and a product detail page does not explicitly state that the product is gluten-free, the consumer may navigate away from the site to find this information and convert elsewhere.

How Label Insight Can Help

With over 90% all commodity volume (acv) of active grocery products and 85% sales coverage, Label Insight helps power key product content. Label Insight ingests images and creates a digital copy of the label information in our system, analyzing this data to create thousands of accurate and standardized attributes and data fields. Retailers and brands can license this critical set of data in order to enhance product transparency, improving the user experience. This data empowers consumers to make the most knowledgeable purchase decisions and helps promote increased conversion and shopper loyalty.

If you are interested in learning more about how to elevate your product content or have questions about other Label Insight’s solutions, reach out to our Subject Matter Experts here.

About Brooke Bright

Brooke is the director of retail product management at Label Insight. Brooke and team build turnkey solutions to empower retailers with critical data to increase digital discovery, improve e-commerce site user experience, develop differentiated wellness programs, and foster shopper trust through increased product transparency. By providing retailers access to this key set of data and insights, retailers can make data-driven decisions across their organization and continue to increase revenue and shopper loyalty. Brooke is passionate about data, business strategy, and product vision. She likes to spend time in-market with our customers learning more about their unique set of challenges and goals and enjoys leveraging this knowledge to continue building hyper-relevant and valuable products.