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Video of the week: Tomorrow's Category Management Today


This week we've got a bit of a deep dive video.  Titled: "Tomorrow's Category Management Today, The Future of Online Category Management", the video makes the argument that most growth in the foreseable future is going to come from online channels and that this is going to change the way we think about Category Management.


“e-commerce is shopped one item at a time; every product detail page must stand on its own"  Danny Silverman, Clavis Insight


The video is a deep dive, lasting 45 minutes, but is worth the time if you have any interest in the future of grocery, and in particular if you are in the category management function.  Of particular interest, I found the way the video discusses the difference in customer needs between the "Push" of Brick and Mortar versus the "Pull" of e-commerce, and also how Brick and Mortar is more of a compromise for customers who take the brand that is available on the shelf, whereas e-commerce becomes a more discerning environment.


If any of this is true, the demand for transparency and experiences that support better decision making is only going to increase.


Hope you get out of it as much as i did.  Have a good weekend.