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By: Label Insight Team on April 12th, 2019

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Video of the week: How Alibaba got consumers to love grocery shopping


Another video about Alibaba's Freshippo (formerly known as Hema) shopping experience in China.  I'm a little obsessed about the new ideas and the connectedness of these stores.


“If I have any questions at all about a product, I just scan and get the full ingredient list on my phone."  Alibaba


I continue to get excited about the level of data competency that Alibaba displays in the Freshippo execution.  In this video in particular the host talks about the importance of freshness using the example of how some fresh produce has a large "3" printed on the packaging so that you know it arrived and was packaged that day (Wednesday in the video) and is therefore fresh. 


The bringing forward and connecting of data competency, logistics innovation, and a digital shopping experience can truly change the way we shop.  


As you can tell, i remain very excited about the future of grocery.  Have a good weekend.