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Sairah Anwar

By: Sairah Anwar on March 9th, 2021

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Grow and Scale your Business with Label Insight’s New QR Code Solution

We’re excited to share our newest offering: Label Insight QR Codes. Paired with our best-in-class SmartLabel solution, CPGs can now manage the process from package to digital experience for their consumers all in one place. 

It’s estimated that 11 million households scanned a QR Code in 2020 in the US alone and 64% of people believe that QR Codes make life easier in a touchless world. Mobile payment leader Paypal embraced QR code-based payment as a result of the pandemic making it available to their 325 million account holders. From mobile payments, to digital menus at restaurants, to product information on packaging, QR Codes have proven to be a versatile asset for businesses in every industry.

Product packaging is one of the most important ways to engage consumers and build trust, but space is limited and consumers are consistently looking for more detailed product information. With 81% of consumers considering product transparency important or extremely important when deciding on a product to purchase in-store or online, brands not only risk losing out on a sale, but also risk losing the loyalty of their shoppers. Label Insight’s end-to-end QR Code solution addresses consumer demand for deeper transparency.

QR Codes provide consumers with an easy way to find more information on nutrition facts, ingredients, allergens, sustainability and regulatory compliance, and are growing in popularity:

Label Insight’s Connected Pack Solution

With 54% of consumers noticing an overall increase in the presence of QR Codes since the COVID-19 pandemic began, now is the time to capitalize on this enhanced awareness and engagement for your products. Label Insight’s QR Code solution allows for the seamless transition of any existing QR Codes and creation of new codes and offers indemnification for complete protection against patent trolls. 

With Label Insight, brands are able to generate, create and share their SmartLabel pages more efficiently, creating a seamless end-to-end solution. With flexible analytics, you can track QR Code performance to effectively optimize and measure customer engagement. In fact, QR Codes increase SmartLabel traffic 60% and sharing an Intermediate Menu after customers scan a QR Code allows you to better control the customer experience and increase engagement. 

For more information, please reach out to our Subject Matter Experts or your Label Insight account representative.

About Sairah Anwar

Sairah is an experienced Product Leader driving CPG Content Solutions at Label Insight. Sairah and team are responsible for providing CPGs with a seamless experience in managing, enriching, and integrating content for SmartLabel, brand websites, and Product Information Management (PIM), including setting up content for retail distribution. Sairah is dedicated to ideating features that have a strong business value and bring delight to users.