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Video of the week: New Retail = Complete Digitization of ALL commerce


In last weeks post of "video of the week" we introduced a video about the "Hema" shopping experience - a new concept in grocery retail that is growing rapidly in China.  This week we follow on from that with a video from Alibaba, the leaders in online commerce in China and their explanation about what the "Hema" stores are all about.

“For Alibaba, the future isn't total domination of e-commerce, rather it is the complete digitization of ALL commerce that could be the key to saving retail.  We call this NEW RETAIL"  Alibaba


It is exciting to see this holistic vision being executed.  It's also eye opening when we think about Omni-channel, and Transparency, and Digital Commerce vs Mobile Commerce, each individually as hurdles to overcome, we aren't really seeing the forest for the trees.  

A vision like Hema, takes complete, and connected data and systems to execute.  No matter which way you look at the future of grocery commerce, it is, in the least, going to be interesting!!

Hope you had a good week.