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Video of the week: Grocery store of the future (already exists!!)


This post was supposed to go out last friday but there was an outage with our Content Management System, so only able to get it out today.  So a video, to start the week.


We have often looked to China, in this blog, to learn about the future of Grocery as the "blank slate" approach they are taking to addressing grocery challenges is serving up some incredibly futuristic solutions.  One of the most comprehensive solutions being Alibaba's Hema stores.

“There are three pillars to its strategy, serving as a place to shop, a distribution center for online orders, and a robot powered restaurant"

 Uptin Saiidi, CNBC

These stores combine the grocery store with a distribution center for 30 minute online delivery, as well as automated robot delivery restaurants to pull in visitors.  The experience is connected across all stages of the buying process through the Hema app, which enables the shopper to get information about products and supply chain, navigate the store, place orders, as well as to pay.  

It's a pretty fascinating to get a real life view into what the future of Data and AI powered shopping experience can lead to.  The shopping experiences in 10 years time could be very different from they are now.

Hope you enjoyed this one.